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“The Most Preferred by Sporting Communities Worldwide”

Artificial grass has been named to be “The Most Preferred by Sporting Communities” Worldwide. Today, artificial grass is widely used in commercial applications and establishments. Purchase Green’s artificial grass is becoming more increasingly popular in residential applications as well. This low maintenance grass, brought to you by Purchase Green, is greatly enjoyed by big commercial establishments, like sporting arenas, hotels, and restaurants because it is much more aesthetically appealing.

Artificial grass is going through a revolution right now. In this economy, the products that are going to sell and survive are the products that are going to help people save money. Investing in a product that saves you money and saves you time, is a product that is worth a second look. The greatest advantage of artificial grass is, after the one time purchase, you don’t have to invest much more in the future. It’s a one stop shop, deal. Purchase Green’s artificial grass is not only a low maintenance product, but a low maintenance investment as well.

Posted on April 5, 2013

Keep Your Kids Safer with Artificial Grass

With its increasing popularity, we are finding more and more reasons why customers should make the switch to artificial grass. Whether your kids are huge sports fanatics or just love to play around outside, artificial grass is a great investment for your backyard. Big space or small, Purchase Green’s artificial grass can transform your current backyard into a safe and fun play area for children and pets. Great places to install our grass is under swing sets and climbing structures, around your underground pool or even in a larger space to create soccer or football practice area. Purchase Green’s artificial grass drains faster than natural grass during the rainy seasons. No muddy footprints, no puddles, just clean and beautiful looking grass all year long. The weather is no longer a reason why your kids can’t play outside. Artificial grass provides a safe and clean alternative to natural grass, without the mess.

Posted on April 3, 2013

Nature’s Sod Premier: Why the Splurge is Worth Every Penny

At a whopping 93 ounce face weight, Purchase Green’s Nature’s Sod Premier product is by far our heaviest artificial grass product. A good rule of thumb when it comes to artificial grass is the higher the face weight, the thicker and more durable the grass. Nature’s Sod Premier literally has more fibers per square centimeter than all of our other products. Not only is Nature’s Sod Premier thicker than our other grasses, it is made from our highest quality yarn. Thiolon yarn. Thiolon yarn has a spine, which increases retention (grass bounces back after being walked on for long periods of time), and it increases durability. Animals are no match for this product. Thiolon yarn will work similarly to a sunflower in the sun. When the spine heats up, the fiber stands up! If you’re a customer that loves to entertain in their beautiful backyard, this spine is your new best friend. No matter how much foot traffic, the grass will always bounce right back instead of staying “matted”. Nature’s Sod Premier is stocked in 13.1 X 50 foot rolls and is currently sold at $3.65. It has a manufacturer’s warranty of 10 years too! Check out this installation of our Nature’s Sod Premier product in Toluca Lake, not only does the grass look great, but it actually makes the backyard look even better!

Posted on March 22, 2013

Artificial Grass at the World Cup!

Attention all crazy Soccer fanatics everywhere! Germany has been training on artificial grass to get prepared for the World Cup qualifier game against Kazakhstan. How cool is that?! A lot of the qualifying games are played on artificial grass so it’s super important for the players to train on artificial grass to better prepare themselves for the big games. Teams that train on artificial grass are considered to be “ahead of the game”.

“Against Russia the artificial pitch we trained on (in Mainz, Germany) ahead of the game was different than the one in Moscow. Now we have tried to find the same conditions,” Germany assistant coach Hansi Flick told reporters.”
“In past games the pitch was always different from what we had trained on and it is good to get used to the artificial pitch in advance,” said central defender Per Mertesacker.
“We won the last game in Kazakhstan but it was still difficult, also because of the pitch. Technically we have to be spot on.”

The World Cup qualifier games are now being played on artificial grass which is great news for the environment! Players will experience a better game and fewer injuries. Artificial grass is great for sports fields because of these reasons. Purchase Green is happy to provide its customers with practical sports grasses as well as an option for customers to produce their own. (Largely dependent on order size.)

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Posted on March 19, 2013

Purchase Green: Now Open in San Jose!

Purchase Green prides itself on being able to provide you with stellar customer service, quality products and quick deliveries. Locations in the right areas at the right time help make this possible every day. Purchase Green is so excited to be able to open a new location for our loyal customers in the San Jose area! Our new San Jose location is fully stocked with all of your favorite Purchase Green grasses and accessories. Our San Jose office managers, Ben and Amanda are there every day to answer any questions you have about artificial grass and can even recommend a local installer for you! Here is the address for Purchase Green’s San Jose location, 419 Reynolds Cir. San Jose, CA 95112. As always, a box of free artificial grass/ putting green samples are available at every store. We also offer same-day shipping nation-wide, will-call pickup or corporate run local deliveries.

Posted on March 7, 2013

Transform your Rooftop Garden with Artificial Grass

Artificial grass covered rooftops are the next big thing! More and more people are moving into urban areas and big cities where backyard space is limited and rooftop gardens are becoming all the rage! Purchase Green’s artificial lawn grasses can help you completely transform your rooftop living area into a beautiful and green, relaxing oasis. Purchase Green’s artificial grass is perfect for a rooftop solution and its ability to be easily installed only makes it more perfect. The installation is a piece of cake and can be done rather quickly. In fact, most homeowners do not need to hire an installer! All you need to purchase is a special turf glue, which is sold on Purchase Green’s website. Spread the glue around the border and depending on how big your artificial grass area is, a couple lines of glue down the center and the install is done! We do not recommend nailing the grass the rooftop as you may puncture the roof and when the rain season starts, you’ll know it! No longer do you need to hose down your rooftop grass area when you have artificial grass. Instead you can kick back, relax and enjoy the weather. Covering your rooftop patio area in artificial grass is a great idea if you’re planning on entertaining guests too, the grass will stay a beautiful green color and guests will love it!

Posted on March 4, 2013

The Wonderful World of Infill!

Installing artificial grass can be a confusing and overwhelming experience for any first-time installer. Purchase Green offers a wide range of infill, each one tailored for a specific installation. Infill is very important to every artificial grass installation as it does three things, 1. It weighs down the turf, this prevents the turf from looking like carpet that needs to be stretched when it expands and contracts during the different weather seasons. 2. It provides memory, after hours of foot traffic on the grass; the infill will help it prevent from looking matted down. And 3. Infill protects the turf’s backing! Some artificial grass companies will tell you that infill is not necessary, they are wrong!

Now a good rule of thumb is the higher the grit, the smaller the infill particle. So a 30 grit infill is going to be much smaller than a 16 grit infill. Because the fibers are curled a lot tighter in a putting green, we always recommend using a 30 grit infill. Depending on the lawn installation, we recommend a 12/20 grit mix, a 16/30 mix or a 16 grit infill. Purchase Green currently offers four types of infill. First is our MellowFill. This is our highest quality infill option so it is a little pricier than our other options. Next is our Silica Sand option, although it is our least expensive option, Silica sand is highly absorbent so when pets go to the bathroom on it, the odor is very noticeable, very quickly. Silica sand is best for a home or area that does not have pets. This infill is also available in a green color. And lastly, Purchase green offers a mixed infill, it is a mix of silica sad and rubber infill. Rubber is typically not recommended because it does get considerably hot during the summer months. Some installers prefer using a rubber/sand mix infill Purchase Green likes to carry it. Of course, any questions about which infill you should use can be answered by a Purchase Green representative.

Posted on February 22, 2013

Introducing the Portable Putting Green by Purchase Green!

Ever wanted to have your own personal putting green, but didn’t want to deal with the hassle of an installation? Purchase Green hears your concerns and has come up with a product that is perfect for you. Purchase Green’s Portable Putting Green is designed for the passionate golfer that wants to have a practice green at home without the expense or space requirement of a permanent putting green. The portable putting green is the perfect solution for a family with little free space because it can be easily rolled up and stored away. It is also an excellent choice for the golfer that wants a practice green at the office, a family that wants a practice green to take on family trips, or folks that just want to have a game to take to family gatherings. Purchase Green understands that a permanent putting green is not for everyone and is proud to offer an alternative option. We also understand that not every golfer has the space requirements for a permanent putting green. Purchase Green’s portable putting green is an excellent choice for the golfer that lives in a high occupancy building and wants a practice green on his/her balcony. This high quality putting green comes with the best of both worlds – a premium artificial green – with portability and convenience.

Our portable putting greens are available at our e-commerce store 24 hours a day, 7 days a week. Visit this link to see more information on this wonderful product!

Posted on February 19, 2013

How to Extend the Life of your Artificial Grass Lawn

Artificial grass is a great investment. You’ve spent all this money on a beautiful and low maintenance lawn, now you want to know how to get the most out of your investment. Purchase Green has an 8 year product warranty on all of their grasses, but with proper care and maintenance, the product can last up to 20 years! That is fabulous news for all artificial grass owners! Here are some great maintenance tips to help you get the longest life out of your lawn. First and foremost, remove debris regularly. Leaves, animal waste, and trash are all perfect examples of things that should be removed from your lawn on a regular basis. Removal by hand or a plastic rake is strongly recommended. Metal rakes can damage your artificial grass and we don’t want that to happen! The area should also be hosed down occasionally to keep dust and soil to a minimum. If your area gets a good amount of rainfall, the rain will do the cleaning for you! This will also help any smells to go away if you have pets going to the bathroom on your lawn… or any other creatures that happen to stop by. Stains can removed with mild cleaning solutions, Purchase Green sells a great disinfectant or a vinegar/water solution can be applied. High traffic areas should get the most attention. To avoid the lawn from looking matted down, it is recommended that the homeowner runs a plastic bristled rake over the area. This will help the grass fibers to return to their original position. Sometimes, a professional may be needed. If any parts of your lawn need to be repaired, it is best to call a professional to do the job! This is what they do every single day, a professional is the best person to call whenever you’re in a doubt.

Posted on February 8, 2013

Train Your Puppy with an Artificial Grass Puppy Pad

Purchase Green’s puppy pads are an effective training solution for new puppies. Many owners have found great success in training their dogs and puppies with artificial grass pads. Whether your dog is an inside or outside pet, Purchase Green’s puppy pads are a very efficient way to train your dog to go to the bathroom in the same area every single day. No more searching around the yard for poo! If your dog is an inside pet, the artificial grass pad is much more visually appealing then a paper patch that you buy at the drug store. The Purchase Green puppy pads are also reusable! The pads will need to be cleaned obviously, but a quick hose off in the back yard and its good as new! Paper puppy pads from the store need to be replaced a couple times a day and can be quite expensive. An artificial grass puppy pad will actually help you SAVE MONEY. Who doesn’t love to save money? I mean come on! Each artificial grass puppy pad by Purchase Green can be reused for years, most of our products last up to 20 years with proper care and maintenance. We use the same artificial grass in our puppy pads as we do in our artificial grass installations so you’re still getting the same, high quality product. Potty training puppies, just like kids, do require a bit of effort and extra attention. But once the puppy is trained, you’re good to go! The dog will actually prefer to go to the bathroom on the artificial grass pad rather than anywhere else. Purchase Green loves to create products that save their customers money and make life a little bit easier for them. Our artificial grass can do that, and so can our artificial grass puppy pads. The puppy pads can be purchase on our e-commerce site,, they are available in a couple different sizes so make sure you check out the picture and the size description to see which size pad will work best for you.

Posted on January 31, 2013
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