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March Customer of the Month- Panjia, Inc.

As we take a look at work ethic, it is important to recognize the hard work and dedication it takes to run a business. This month we recognize Panjia Interlocking Pavers, Inc. as our featured March Customer of the Month –not only because we appreciate their business –but also because we admire Steve Young for all that he does to make his business successful. Today please welcome Steve, owner of Panjia Interlocking Pavers, Inc. Purchase-Green appreciates you! Panjia is a fabulous landscaping contractor that specializes in Landscape Design, Installation of Pavers, Artificial Grass and Putting Greens. Through this crazy economic time, Panjia has always stayed loyal and true by purchasing their turf through Purchase-Green. His continued business has helped our company grow and prosper. We love Steve’s determination to make his customer happy and his professionalism on the field. His hard work shows in all of the projects he is involved in.
Here is Panjia’s website for more information on this amazing contractor:

Posted on March 22, 2012

Featured in, Water For Tomorrow, a National Geographic affiliated magazine.

Purchase-Green Artificial Grass was just recently feautured in a National Geographic magazine, Water For Tomorrow. This magazine issue focuses on the importance of clean, safe water and how we can conserve it.

“Businesses, homeowners, and public agencies are saving water and enjoying lush, maintenence-free landscapes by getting real about the benefits of artificial turf. ‘While many aspects of the construction industry have struggle the last few years, the business of artificial turf is blossoming,’ said Tony Vena, owner of turf distributor Purchase Green. The industry has expanded 20 percent per year over the past decade…” article by Terri Steele, ACWA.

To see the full article, look in this month’s issue of Water for Tomorrow! You can always check out the online PDF version at this website.

Posted on February 7, 2012

Beautiful? Yes! Artificial? You betcha!

According to a recent MSN Real Estate article, “It wasn’t Astroturf, exactly, but long, smooth blades of grass that looked exactly like real grass but happened to be plastic. It had been laid down like a carpet, over prepared ground. She hosed it off sometimes, and it drained itself. It wasn’t cheap, but given that she didn’t have to mow, water, reseed or fertilize, it would pay for itself in eight years. And then there was the peace of mind, the quiet and the conservation of water.” Wallace Stegner writes about his experience with installing an artificial grass lawn in his backyard.
The variety of options is endless, “You can get synthetic lawn that’s late-summer long or putting-green short or somewhere in between. You can get dark green or light green, depending on the kind of grass that grows near you. You can even choose the color of the springy underlayer. Ours has variegated strands ― some dark, some light ― and looks especially real.” Southern Californian grass likes to grow a light green and yellow color, and of course wouldn’t look natural without a little brown in it. Purchase-Green has an option for that! Just check out their Nature’s Sod Line.
Stegner continues to say, “The best part? No pouring clean water onto the grass. No burning gasoline to mow it. No fertilizer running into the sea.” Think of all the extra time and money you will have at your disposal. This miracle grass will pay for itself!
A woman who also made a comment on the article said, “People will stop and stare and say how magnificent your lawn is. And you don’t have to tell anyone it’s fake. I always do, in the same way I blurt out that the dress I’ve been complimented on cost $19. But you can just let people think you have a very green thumb, and a silent, invisible mower. You can act like a girl in a real designer dress, and just say thank you.” Purchase-Green’s grass gives you the freedom because it does look so unbelievably real.
To see the full article, here is the link:

Posted on January 30, 2012

Rebates for Homeowners with Artificial Grass! MAKE $$ on your lawn!

Rebate programs for homeowners with artificial grass lawns are now being offered in many states nationwide! Including but not limited to California, Arizona, Colorado, Florida, Oregon, Washington, Nevada, and New Mexico! If you are located in any of these states, click on your state and the website will tell you just how to claim your much deserved CASH. (Link below!) Contractors, this is a great way to sell your clients on artificial grass! By showing them just how much water they can save, and how much money they can save and even better how to MAKE MONEY on their lawn!
The average residential single-family home water bill in the United States equates to about $50-$80. Other yard maintenance, including weeding and mowing can make these monthly costs even higher. With an artificial grass lawn, a household can save on these costs altogether, while helping the environment. In the course of a year, a household can save approximately $12,000 just by converting to an artificial grass lawn. Aside from the financials, artificial grass’ ability to conserve water plays an important part in overall water conservation as a whole. Artificial grass lawns save an average of 22,000 gallons of water a year! Maintaining a natural grass lawn can be costly, both monetarily and environmentally. The solution to these unnecessary costs is Purchase Green Artificial Grass. Natural grass depletes our soil of nutrients, while also guzzling our limited fresh water resources. Save your money, save the world and put money in your pocket again. With Purchase-Green Artificial Grass, you can’t go wrong!

Click here to check out the rebates offered in your state:

Another link to help you on your way!

If you choose to remove some of your irrigated turf grass to reduce your outdoor water use, you can receive $1 or more per square foot of removed turf to reward you for doing your part to save water in Southern California.

Participating providers:
-Golden State Water Company in Three Valley Municipal Water District (serves cities of Claremont, San Dimas, La Verne, Pomona, and Charter Oak)
-Los Angeles Department of Water and Power (serves Los Angeles and surrounding areas)
-Pasadena Water and Power (serves Pasadena and surrounding areas)
-30 other Upper San Gabriel Valley Water District water providers (click link for full list)

Posted on December 13, 2011

California residents benefit the most from Purchase-Green’s Artificial Grass!

With regards to artificial grass, California can definitely benefit from its cost effectiveness and its minimal necessity for water. Despite the fact that it is among the leading advantages, cost effectiveness isn’t the only benefit provided by Purchase-Green’s Artificial Grass. California home owners would attest that our artificial grasses are just as bouncy, making them well suited for a lot of basic activities like football. In addition, they are not as predisposed to climate change or as delicate to different climates.
Purchase-Green’s Artificial Grass stays green all year ’round meaning you would have to worry about unattractive brown patches during the summer when the temperatures are higher. Furthermore, artificial grass can offer the same benefits of natural grass without the hassle of constant care. Simply by investing in synthetic grass, you’re investing in a permanent solution which will create plenty of savings over the years. By selecting the proper kind of synthetic grass, you will get years of use without having to worry about replacing it.
Take full advantage of the benefits of synthetic grass. Think about the dollars which you spend on constantly watering and fertilizing your natural grass field and imagine never needing to cut your lawn ever again. By using Purchase-Green Artificial Grass, you’ll have your cake and eat it too.

Posted on December 6, 2011

Purchase-Green goes to HOLLYWOOD!

Purchase Green’s Southwestern Sod is becoming quite the red carpet starlet. Just last week our Southwestern Sod was featured in an Oakley Eyewear sponsored PGA tournament commercial. This week, the Executive Producers of Revenge purchased our Southwestern Sod to be included in the new television series. Revenge is a sexy American television drama billed as an adaptation of the Alexandre Dumas novel “The Count of Monte Cristo” starring Madeleine Stowe and Emily VanCamp. It currently airs on Wednesday nights at 10:00 pm Eastern/9:00 pm Central. The next episode is to air November 16th, so keep a look out for our beautiful turf!
Speaking of starlet grasses, Our Nature’s Sod made a Hollywood appearance this past Friday, November 11th, 2011 in the new movie Jack and Jill, starring Adam Sandler, Al Pocino, and Katie Holmes, this movie is guaranteed to make you laugh!

Posted on November 15, 2011

Purchase-Green’s ALL NEW Southwestern Sod Line.

Southwestern Sod is a beautiful, soft olive bi-color artificial lawn product. This product is designed to mimic natural grasses in the southwestern states. It is made from a premier yarn – that provides excellent memory without sacrificing the comfort that comes with a very soft polyethylene fiber. This grass is designed for medium traffic artificial lawn applications. It would make for a beautiful front yard or back yard! This product has a face weight of 61 oz per sq yard. *This is product is a STOCKING DEALER EXCLUSIVE and only sold through distribution in some markets.*
The Southwestern Sod Light is an excellent light traffic artificial grass designed to mimic the yellow-green look of grasses found in southwestern states such as CA, AZ, NV, etc. This artificial grass is an olive bi-color with a yellow and green thatch. It is a 51 oz face weight artificial turf. This product would be an excellent value choice for your front or back yard.
Soutwestern Sod SPORT is an excellent olive bi-color artificial grass product. This product was specifically designed for sporting applications where the consumer doesn’t want to use the 8lbs to 10lbs per sq ft of infill that is tradionally used with artificial sports turfs. It is an excellent choice for indoor soccer arenas, agility training areas, batting cages, as a golf fringe, etc. This product is made from the same yarn as our Southwestern Sod – but done in a very low pile height (1.125″, 28mm) – to provide a very dense, artificial grass playing surface. While more expensive than a traditional sports turf – the total installation cost is much less because you would use no more than 1 to 2 lbs per sq ft of infill. It is also an excellent choice for a dog run! This product has a face weight of 52 oz per sq yard and comes with a triple layer primary backing for added durability.

Posted on November 10, 2011

Purchase-Green’s newest heartwarming project.

Here at Purchase-Green, every so often we come across a project that makes a real impact in our area. We were so excited to participate in the renovation of the children’s play area at Alegria, a center sponsored by The Salvation Army that provides an emergency shelter for homeless families, a residential care facility for the terminally ill and intensive child development services. We were able to install a beautiful, low maintenance lawn area for the after school programs children and younger residents to play on. As our company expands, we are so grateful to participate in more and more of these heart-warming projects.
“The Salvation Army Alegria provides health, housing, and child development services to homeless families with special needs, including residents with chronic illnesses such as HIV/AIDS. The goal is to not just help these families survive, but give them the resources to live dignified, hopeful lives, as well.
Alegria’s location in downtown Los Angeles opened in 2003 and includes 18 units of emergency housing for homeless families with special need. Services are provided in partnership with the Department of Mental Health, Department of Social Services, and the Los Angeles Homeless Services Authority.
Alegria provides essential healthcare, housing, and child development services in an environment where families can stay together without the stigma attached to homelessness, mental health conditions, and HIV/AIDS. At The Salvation Army Alegria, the mission is to keep families together in health and in spirit.” (

Posted on November 3, 2011

Purchase-Green’s Artificial Grass is great for Sports Fields!

Purchase-Green’s artificial grass provides many advantages over natural grass when it comes to sporting events such as baseball, football, golf, lacrosse, rugby, field hockey, soccer and softball. A big perk is that artificial grass can be used at any time of any day throughout any season of the year.Many local sports fields as well as many professional stadiums have installed Purchase-Green’s artificial grass in recent years. The general consensus is very positive. Even the worldwide soccer association, FIFA, has recognized its advantages. Whether the field is being hit by a heat wave or subzero temperatures, it is usable. Purchase-Green’s artificial grass has a drainage system built underneath so that they are playable after, or even during, a rainstorm. Besides the superb amount of availability, artificial grass sports fields are cost-effective. Purchase-Green’s artificial grass is a low maintenance product and does not require aeration, chemicals, fertilizing, mowing, trimming, watering, weeding out, and other maintenance activities that may cost a fortune. Purchase-Green’s artificial grass is also long-lasting; most products built to last 20+ years with proper care. Purchase-Green’s grasses currently have a manufacturer’s warranty of 8 years. When I mention durability over time, I also mean durability throughout a daily beating of action sports (with cleats). Artificial grass is a neat product and very easy to clean after use. Rain takes care of washing it for you. The cushion, non-abrasiveness and softness of these artificial grass athletic fields considerably reduce the impact attenuation and therefore reduce the amount of player injuries. The surface is graded and there are no risks of stepping on erosion areas, holes, muddy spots, rough surfaces, or water puddles.

Posted on October 11, 2011

A non-toxic, money saving solution that kids love!

Take a look at one of Purchase-Green’s most recent project above. Our Artificial Grass was installed at Providence Christian School in Shingle Springs, CA. What an immense difference between the before and after pictures right?! Purchase-Green was so happy to have the opportunity to partner with Providence Christian School, now their field is beautiful, green and ready to play on as the start of the new school begins. This educational facility now has the freedom to put their saved money back into the student’s education. It doesn’t hurt that the children LOVE our grass too. Purchase-Green is so happy to promote a non-toxic, eco-friendly grass that is safe for our children and yours.

Posted on September 14, 2011
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