Product Safety Portal

Below are the Lead Test Lab Results, Grab Test Results, and Safety Data Sheets of the various products Purchase Green sells.

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Lead Test Results

Artificial Grass Lead Test Results

Olive Putting Green, Emerald Putting Green, Nature’s Sod Plush/Nature’s Sod, Nature’s Sod 80/Nature’s Sod Light, Nature’s Sod Premier, PG 70/PG 40/PG 56, FIFA PG Diamond 40, Califoria Pro, Spring Plush Platinum, Southwestern Sod Light, Southwestern Sod, Spring Rye Pro/Spring Rye/Southwestern Sod Sport, Vista 70/Vista Sport, Vista Natural 80/Vista Natural 65, Eco Olive 60, Eco Spring 60
Conducted by TraceAnalysis, Inc.

Artificial Grass Lead Test Results

Spring Fescue, Eco Spring, Eco Olive
Conducted by TraceAnalysis, Inc.

Artificial Grass Lead Test Results

Arizona Platinum Olive, Arizona Platinum Spring, Arizona Platinum Spring, Marathon Olive, PG Pet Pro, Fescue Supreme, Bermuda Pro, Ground Cover, Nature Sod 50/60/Plush/Platinum
Conducted by Xenco Laboritories

Safety Data Sheet

AirDrain Safety Data Sheet

Mellowfill-Herofill Safety Data Sheet

Optifill Safety Data Sheet

Seam Glue Safety Data Sheet

TurfBomb Safety Data Sheet

Zeodorizer Safety Data Sheet

Zeolite Safety Data Sheet