Do It Yourself Turf Installation

It’s time to get to work. Purchase Green empowers its customers to achieve their greatest potential. Installing your artificial grass can be daunting, but we can help you make the right decisions. Allow us to help you choose the right grass and provide you with all the tools and materials you will need to succeed. Redefine your landscape today and get the job done the Purchase Green way.

Advantages of Artificial Turf for the Homeowner

Why do it yourself?

The main benefit of a DIY artificial grass project is the amount of money you can save by avoiding hiring professionals. Although the artificial grass installation process is not complicated, it is labor-intensive. Naturally, the range and scope of the project will vary from project to project.

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Increased Property Value

Real estate agents, custom builders, and landscape architects apply artificial grass to their designs and proposals to easily boost the value of a property and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

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Tools to Get the Job Done Right

Preparation Tools

Preparing your terrain before installing your artificial grass is essential to any successful DIY project. Shovels and pickaxes will prove to be critical tools for excavating and preparing your landscape. Additionally, heavy-duty rakes will facilitate the spreading of the sub-base material, and having a wheelbarrow on hand will save your back and time. Lastly, it’s important to have a Vibratory Plate Compactor or hand tamper to compact the sub-base for the best results when installing your artificial grass.   

Installation Tools

Once your landscape has been prepared for artificial grass, we encourage customers to measure and cut their grass to the appropriate lengths according to the size of their project areas. Therefore, measuring tape and chalk are key tools to have handy. Moreover, having a reliable carpet knife and Extra Blades will improve your cuts and make the job easier. Many DIYs may find stretching and pulling the artificial grass to be difficult to manage. For that reason, we recommend the use of a Carpet Kicker. Additionally, you may want to keep a hammer on hand to secure your turf to the sub-base if you opt-in to utilize nails. Lastly, to achieve an even spread of infill on your grass consider using a Drop-spreader and Turf broom 

Maintenance Tools

Though artificial grass requires little to no maintenance compared to traditional lawns, homeowners can help keep their artificial grass installation in pristine condition. For example, grooming your lawn will help maintain its appearance and reduce the look of matting. Our PerfectGroom is an exceptional choice for artificial grass maintenance. The PerfectGroom is available in two different models to fit every homeowner’s needs. Our power broom will help get the job done, available for rentorfor sale depending on your needs. Also, consider using Turf Bomb to deodorize your turf and keep it smelling wonderful.

Your Advantages with Purchase Green

Expert, Friendly Staff

Purchase Green focuses on delivering expert service that prioritizes education and product transparency so that customers can feel confident in the value of their artificial grass.

Competitive Pricing

By leveraging our position in the industry and producing products in bulk, Purchase Green passes down the material savings to you – offering high-quality artificial grasses at a competitive rate.

DIY Materials & Install Services

Whether you’re a DIYer needing just the tools and materials (and maybe some expert advice) or a homeowner looking for all-inclusive installation services, Purchase Green has the solution for you. Comprehensive material quotes can be produced by any of our staff, or we can schedule you for a free in-home installation estimate!

Lifetime Product Warranty

Purchase Green offers customers peace of mind and quality assurance with our lifetime product warranty – the first of its kind in the industry’s history. Customers can even transfer ownership of their warranties should they move.

Financing Options Available

To help residents jump-start their landscape renovations, customers with approved credit can qualify for convenient financing through the Wells Fargo Outdoor Solutions program.

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