Artificial Grass for Pets

Artificial turf is the safe, durable, and cost-effective landscape solution that more and more pet parents are incorporating in their residential backyards. No more odor build-up or brown spots, but instead a reliably green lawn all year round with only minimal upkeep necessary. Purchase Green Artificial Grass offers toxin-free, antimicrobial, heat-resistant, and surprisingly realistic grasses that will leave you wondering why you haven’t made the switch already!

Pet Turf Performance and Durability

Purchase Green has over 30 variations of grass to choose from, and while all are of the highest quality – in regard to both manufacturing processes and materials – not every product will have the same performance specifications that your unique project might require.

For instance, Purchase Green recommends shorter, denser grasses for pet applications, as they tend to be much easier to keep clean from pet waste, as well as grasses with a more structurally supported blade shape to help impede the forming of traffic patterns over time– areas where the blades become permanently compressed.

Additionally, tools such as Purchase Green’s Turf Broom can help “fluff up” compressed surfaces as part of your weekly or biweekly maintenance routine. Our local showrooms also offer Power Brooms for rent or sale, for those extra stubborn areas.

Odor is Preventable

Odor build-up is arguably the most commonly expressed concern from pet owners when exploring the idea of installing artificial grass for their home – and understandably so! Oftentimes there is the misconception that turf will always smell no matter what, but fortunately this isn’t true. Odor prevention is primarily supported by the application of infills designed for pets – Purchase
Green recommends Herofill, Mellowfill or Zeodorizer; these infills are infused with anti-fungal protection and other naturally occurring substances – such as Zinc, ZPT, ZOE or Zeolite – to significantly reduce odor build-up caused by ammonia from pet urine.

Furthermore, topical enzymatic cleaning solutions that are specially formulated for artificial grass are excellent for both preventative measures as well as treating presently odorous lawns. Solutions like Turf Bomb are easy to use and often only need to be applied bi-weekly. Lastly, Purchase Green now offers artificial grasses that are infused with silver ion additives, to inhibit the growth and reproduction of bacteria that contribute to odor build-up.

Cost Considerations

When contemplating the switch to artificial, cost is a significant piece to the conversation. In deciding if artificial grass is right for your furry friends, first consider your annual budget allocated to maintaining natural sod – bills associated with seeding, fertilizing, mowing, pest control, watering, and so on, as well as your own time spent filling dug-up holes, cleaning mud tracks, or treating discolored patches from pet urine – all of which will not guarantee a reliably green, patch-free lawn year-round. Artificial grass, on the other hand, is a one-time investment that pays for itself in the first three to seven years on average and requires only minimal upkeep – a fraction of what would otherwise be necessary for natural sod.

Purchase Green staff are also happy to accommodate all budgets to the best of our ability, whether that be identifying the best products at the lowest retail value, assisting with landscape design and orientation to reduce material costs or providing information on our available financing solutions. Additionally, you may check with your city or state government for open landscape rebate plans!

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Your Pet’s Safety is our Priority

It’s durable, long-lasting, beautiful, and smells clean – but is it safe? Yes! Purchase Green’s artificial grasses are produced to be non-toxic, flame retardant, and virtually lead-free, giving our pet parents even more peace of mind. Test results are available for download in our product listings or by request with an employee. Moreover, heat retention in turf is another common topic with pet owners – as plastics due retain heat from prolonged sun exposure.

To combat this, Purchase Green produces artificial grasses with specific blade shapes and additives in the fibers to reduce heat retention by up to 20% when compared to similar non-treated grasses. Such products are labeled as Cool Yarn – visit your local Purchase Green store to feel the difference yourself!

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