Professional Artificial Turf Installation

Today’s artificial turf is not your grandmother’s green carpet – but instead a beautiful and meaningful addition to your landscape. Whether your desire is saved time, money, or added value to your property and curb appeal, synthetic grass is most likely the practical solution you have been looking for. Invest in your family by switching to an artificial lawn – so you can focus on the better things in life.

Advantages of Artificial Turf for the Homeowner

Save Time and Money

Switching to an artificial lawn lowers or eliminates expenses such as landscape irrigation, seeding, mowing, and fertilizing, as well as saves time and energy comparatively due to artificial turf’s minimal upkeep demands.

Product Pictured: Vista Natural 80

Increased Property Value

Real estate agents, custom builders, and landscape architects apply artificial grass to their designs and proposals to easily boost the value of a property and enhance its aesthetic appeal.

Product Pictured: Arizona Platinum Olive

Environment and Sustainability

Incorporating artificial grass into your residential landscape helps the environment! Turf will preserve water and eliminate the need for harmful chemicals. According to the U.S. Environmental Protection Agency (EPA), the average American family of four uses 400 gallons of water a day. This is well worth taking into consideration when states on the West Coast continue to suffer from droughts and water shortage. Moreover, modern technologies in artificial grass production processes mitigate negative environmental impacts from manufacturing.

Product Pictured: Eco Olive 80

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Common Myths about Artificial Grass

“Artificial Grass is toxic”

In recent studies and investigations by government subsidies and agencies, such as the CPSC, toxicity associated with artificial grass is in fact a result of crumb rubber present in an application. Crumb Rubber is a type of landscape infill made of ground-up tires, presenting safety risks from long-term exposure to harmful chemicals in the infill. Purchase Green does not use, sell, nor recommend the use of Crumb Rubber, as there are plenty of viable, safe infill alternatives. Moreover, Purchase Green grasses are verified lead-safe and non-toxic; results can be made available upon request.

“Artificial grass is not suitable for pets”

Artificial grass can be a wonderful solution for pets and their parents! Some struggle with mud patches and mud tracks, or enthusiastically dug holes that our fur friends are surely proud of – and artificial grass is often the solution they need, completely eliminating the presence of mud and deterring animals from digging. Odor trapped in turf is also a common concern, but Purchase Green’s antimicrobial grasses, odor-neutralizing infills, and enzymatic topical cleaning solutions are all barriers against odor buildup.

“All artificial grass is the same”

While there is a set of standard materials that are typically sourced from the same handful of producers around the world by all artificial grass suppliers, Purchase Green identifies the best of those materials and employs the latest manufacturing technology and proprietary product treatments to yield a grass that is exceptionally durable, long-lasting, and realistic. For example, Purchase Green was the first supplier to standardize the more durable triple-layer backing system.

“Artificial grass is overpriced”

Artificial grass, like any home upgrade, is an investment – although turf is an investment that pays for itself within the first 3-7 years on average. Homeowners who switch to turf greatly reduce their long-term budget on expenditures such as daily watering, weekly mowing, seasonal fertilizing, and pest or weed control. Considering that there are financing options available and DIY materials to skip the installation cost, its no wonder more and more people are looking to go with artificial.

Your Advantages with Purchase Green

Expert, Friendly Staff

Purchase Green focuses on delivering expert service that prioritizes education and product transparency so that customers can feel confident in the value of their artificial grass.

Competitive Pricing

By leveraging our position in the industry and producing products in bulk, Purchase Green passes down the material savings to you – offering high-quality artificial grasses at a competitive rate.

DIY Materials & Install Services

Whether you’re a DIYer needing just the tools and materials (and maybe some expert advice) or a homeowner looking for all-inclusive installation services, Purchase Green has the solution for you. Comprehensive material quotes can be produced by any of our staff, or we can schedule you for a free in-home installation estimate!

Lifetime Product Warranty

Purchase Green offers customers peace of mind and quality assurance with our lifetime product warranty – the first of its kind in the industry’s history. Customers can even transfer ownership of their warranties should they move.

Financing Options Available

To help residents jump-start their landscape renovations, customers with approved credit can qualify for convenient financing through the Wells Fargo Outdoor Solutions program.

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