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Consumers Want Artificial Grass

In increasing numbers, consumers are recognizing the value of artificial grass, driving market demand for both residential and commercial applications. Because artificial grass has a lower total cost of ownership compared to natural sod – as well as conserves a considerable amount of water – consumer adoption rates are projected to increase annually by 7-9%.

During an independent market study, homeowners were asked: “What were the main reasons you decided to purchase artificial grass?”

Aesthetic Appeal: 26%

Thanks to manufacturing advancements and expanding use-cases, artificial grass offers customers an attractive, versatile landscape alternative

Water Conservation: 34%

As more and more local government agencies place restrictions on water consumption due to the West Coast’s worsening drought conditions nationwide, synthetic turf presents home and business owners a more practical solution.

Reduced Maintenance: 39%

No fertilizer, no pesticides, no mower, no watering – no wonder homeowners and landscapers are turning to artificial grass!

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Why Artificial Grass Works for Contractors

Generates Higher Profits Margins

Artificial grass has a higher profit margin and average ticket than natural sod installations

Increases Your Close Rates

Contractors close more leads when they can offer a total landscape package

Accelerates Your Project Turn-Around

Artificial grass installations compliment the installation process of pavers

Reduces Your Go-Backs

Decrease the frequency of return calls due to natural grass not taking into the native soil, dry spots, or simply poor post-install maintenance
Synthetic turf is a simple service to add to any landscape, paver, or concrete company, and will generate a higher close rate because a contractor can offer total landscape packages.
Veer Singh

Founder, Steve’s Landscaping

Turf is much more streamlined for business and the turnaround is a lot quicker. It also has a larger profit margin compared to sod. And even though it isn’t the main thing we do, it’s an accessory item, and it’s made all of the landscapes we’ve done look even more luxurious.
Prem Penglin

Owner, Penglin Paving and Landscaping

Now’s Your Chance to Join an Undersaturated Market

$6.2 billion

The Total Available market for Artificial Grass

The synthetic turf industry is expanding every day to include more applications and functions. But with only ~12% of the Total Available Market permeated, the industry is in dire need of more suppliers and installers in order to keep up with demand.


Residential applications make up ~61% of the total market 


Field applications make up ~23% of the total market 


Commercial applications make up ~16% of the total market

There is incredible opportunity with artificial grass, but many are unaware of the potential. By partnering with Purchase Green, landscapers and suppliers gain an advantage by leveraging our nationwide supply chain of quality products. Whether you’re interested in ordering only on an as-needed basis, stocking full roll or pallet quantities in your warehouse, or installing artificial grass for end-users, Purchase Green has a business option for you.

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