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What is the IPEMA Certification?

The International Play Equipment Manufacturers Association awards certifications to manufacturers who fulfill standards of safety for playground equipment and surfacing materials. Criteria such as impact attenuation, maintenance practices, and installation methods of these surfaces and structures are measured, then qualified following ASTM standards.

IPEMA’s goal is to promote play, encourage safety, and provide certification programs for manufacturers, distributors, and installers.

IPEMA Certified Products

As a Contract Manufacturer, Purchase Green is in a unique position to acquire IPEMA certification through our parent entity, Controlled Products – an IPEMA certified manufacturer of synthetic turf. This acquisition has enabled Purchase Green to continue to specify our own products while maintaining appropriate safety criteria and authentication.

For our customers, this means that our playground systems have exceptional shock absorbency and Critical Fall Heights of up to 12 feet.

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Purchase Green Playground Systems

A playground system is designed to achieve the desired level of performance and significantly lower the risk of head impact severity. A playground system will consist of three components – turf, shock pad underlayment, and infill. However, the pile height and density of the turf, the shock pad thickness, as well as the amount of infill installed will influence the Critical Fall Height rating, typically between 8 and 12 feet.

Although, pairing the right thickness of shock pad and amount of infill would be dependent upon the pile height and density of the turf being installed, the surface of the installation site – such as a cement or aggregate base – and the minimum safety needs of the application type. A Purchase Green product expert can assist with identifying the right playground system for your project.

Critical Fall Height

CFH, or critical fall height, is a term primarily used for playground applications when referring to a play surface’s ability to sufficiently absorb impact from a fall – specifically for head injuries. Literally speaking, CFH is the vertical distance between the surface of a play area and the highest point of a recreational structure.

For example, the critical fall height of playground equipment, a swing set, or a trampoline will vary depending on the maximum height a child could fall; and whatever the height, therein determines the minimum performance rating required for that surface to be considered safe. And the higher the CFH rating, the more protective the surface is.

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