Turf for Stocking Dealers

Join our rapidly expanding nationwide network of turf supply stocking dealers.

What is the Stocking Dealer Program?

A Stocking Dealer has an existing business with a retail showroom, and elects to put a Purchase Green rack up in their showroom. They must order in full roll and full pallet quantities to receive their best pricing.

This program offers business owners the chance to gain momentum in the artificial grass industry—a chance to steadily measure and respond to demand while actively marketing to their local consumer base and expanding their business value.

Program Qualifications and Benefits

By partnering as a Stocking Dealer, you have the special opportunity to access the largest distribution network in the U.S that carries some of the highest quality products available on the market.
And because Purchase Green is the second largest importer of artificial grass goods and carries millions of square feet of turf at any given moment, we’re able to pass on our savings to you.
As a Stocking Dealer, a storefront with sample displays and the ability to stock full roll and/or pallet quantities is a must; however, this dealership type receives even greater discounts on materials as there are minimum order quantities.
Dealers will also have the choice to carry the Purchase Green brand name or rebrand to fit their own marketing narrative.

Partner with Purchase Green

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