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The Importance of Choosing the Right Accessories

Of course the grass you chose is incredibly important for your application. The accessories you chose are what makes it look its best and last its longest. Think, the structure of the house, without it, the house wouldn’t last through hard weather. Accessories serve a similar purpose. Let’s review a couple of our star accessory products.
Infill is recommended market wide, its ability to protect the backing of your grass should be convincing enough. Infill also provides the grass with better memory retention, so whether you have little foot traffic or a lot, you can be sure your grass will bounce right back and won’t stay matted down! Infill also weighs the grass down. During the seasons, the grass will expand in the heat and contract when it cools down, infill helps prevent the grass from looking like carpet that needs to be stretched. There are many types of infill, so it’s best to ask a representative at Purchase Green for a recommendation.
Choosing the right type of nails is also very important! Purchase Green recommends and sells 5″ bright common nails for securing your field or lawn. Bright common nails are the ideal nails for a turf installation because they are designed to perform BETTER over time. Bright common nails, after installed, rust about halfway through, this is a good thing. That rust actually binds the base to the turf backing and creates a stronger bond and a more permanent install. Just think every time it rains, your lawn is becoming more and more secure.
Purchase Green’s disinfectant is also great. It comes in a 32oz size and 1 gallon size. This is the “hidden gem” accessory, hands down. The disinfectant is very important for the longevity of your grass surface. For families that have dogs that like to go to the bathroom on the artificial grass, the grass will start to contain some of the bacteria which will cause it to smell. This disinfectant is great because it actually has bacteria-eating enzymes and continuously works long after you’ve applied it. The enzymes will continue to eat until there is nothing left for them to feed on. It is 100% safe for dogs and kids and leaves behind a fresh, clean smell.
Accessories are what helps your grass look its best and last its longest. You’ve just made an investment in your lawn, these accessories will help you get your money’s worth and more. All of these accesories are available for purchase at any Purchase Green location as well as on our website,

Posted on December 28, 2012

Suffer from Allergies? Artificial Grass can change that.

A simple change in grass can improve your quality of life. The theory that artificial grass reduces the amount of allergens in the air is true. When artificial grass is installed in your front yard or backyard, the amount of allergens in the air is reduced significantly. Approximately one-sixth of Americans suffer with grass allergies, making it very difficult for them to enjoy outdoor sports and spend time in their own yards. Artificial grass is the perfect solution to their problems. Artificial grass is manufactured with man-made and hypoallergenic materials, usually recycled plastics. The entire composition of artificial grass is different from real grass. The main cause of grass allergies is pollen from the grass itself. This is usually at its highest during spring and summer, when grass retains more pollen due to higher pollen counts in these seasons. The most common real grass allergy triggers are Timothy, Johnson, Bermuda, Kentucky Bluegrass, Orchard, and Sweet Vernal, these are all very common in many household yards and parks. Synthetic grass does not hold onto pollen as much as these natural grasses, thus reducing risks and triggers for allergies. Lawn mowing is also a large trigger for releasing pollen into the yard and air. Since artificial turf does not require mowing whatsoever, this can further reduce the emission of pollen in your yard. Aside from the 50 million humans that suffer from grass allergies, there are also many dogs that develop grass allergies from spending time outdoors or playing in the yard. Grass allergies for dogs can trigger uncomfortable symptoms including uncontrollable scratching, wheezing, coughing, and skin rashes. Reducing pollen counts or minimizing contact through inhalation or physical touch can tremendously help with a dog’s allergies too!. For a dog, a yard should be a fun and safe place to play. For dogs with grass allergies, artificial grass proves to be the best surface and will greatly reduce allergy symptoms.

Posted on December 21, 2012

Wonderedge! A Superhero Edging Solution At Last!

You’ve decided that artificial grass was the smart investment for your turf needs but now you want to make sure your lawn is looking its absolute best. This is where Wonderedge comes into play. Wonderedge is the superior edging system designed specifically for artificial grass installations. When your artificial grass area does not have a natural border such as a driveway or a concrete barrier, Wonderedge provides a sturdy and solid border. Wonderedge is incredibly easy to install and saves your installation crew time and saves you money. This is not your “cheap and easy fix” or a “corner being cut”, Wonderedge provides a quality edge solution at a very reasonable price. The Wonderedge is very flexible and can be bent around any shape of lawn. A lot of homeowners like to use the Wonderedge to provide a barrier between their flower beds and artificial lawn. Wonderedge will create a beautiful, clean and attractive finish to any artificial grass area. Of course, Wonderedge can be ordered and will called at any Purchase Green location as it is now a product that is stocked year round.
Here are some pictures of the Wonderedge product as well as a link to an installation video just to show you how truely easy it is to work with!

E-Z Installation Video

Posted on December 14, 2012

The Critical Fall Height Data Is In!

Note: Purchase Green no longer carries Envirofill. However, a suitable alternative may be selected as part of the system.

Purchase Green has finally taken the next step in providing the safest artificial grass on the market. Critical Height Data for our artificial grass systems is officially available! What exactly does this mean? It means that now all customers have access to the exact grass-shock pad size-base-infill ratio that is perfect for your application. Most schools require a minimum of an 8 foot fall height on all their playgrounds and play areas. Thanks to an amazing testing center in Dalton, Georgia, Purchase Green can now provide you with the perfect combination in order to achieve that fall height ratio.

For those that love our Nature’s Sod Premier product, an 8 foot fall height over concrete can be achieved with our 45mm Playground Pad, our 93 oz. Nature’s Sod Premier and 2 pounds on Envirofill per square foot. This combination, or system, was tested at three temperatures, 25 degrees Fahrenheit, 72 degrees Fahrenheit and 120 degrees Fahrenheit. All of which achieve the same 8 foot fall height.

Southwestern Sod can also achieve an 8 foot fall height. It also requires a 45mm Playground Pad, but requires 2.5 pounds of Envirofill because of its lower face weight. Southwestern Sod performs just as well in the same three temperatures as Nature’s Sod Premier, but at 25 degrees, this system can provide a 9 foot fall height!

Purchase Green can also provide you a system that achieves a 3 foot fall height for low impact areas such as backyards and areas for young ones.

Our Spring Rye product can achieve a 3 foot fall height as long as it is accompanied by an 18mm Playground Pad and 1.5 pounds of Envirofill. This system is perfect for a family on a budget or a family that wants to make their back yard a little bit safer.

Posted on December 9, 2012

Save Money by Making the Switch to Artificial Grass

The perceived cost of an artificial lawn installation is often the reason people avoid going the artificial route. At first glance it may appear to be a very expensive and confusing process. However, the cost savings associated with a synthetic lawn installation nearly immediately begin offsetting your investment and within 3 years, will have covered the complete cost of your investment. Additionally, there are ways to lower your entire artificial lawn cost – and in large part it is driven by choosing the right artificial lawn product for your application from the right supplier. Low traffic applications do not need incredibly dense grasses, as well as high traffic areas can’t survive with a low quality product.

Synthetic lawns don’t need to be mowed. This is one of the main reasons why many commercial companies chose to make the switch and a important reason for residential homeowners to consider having artificial grass installed. When you think of how many hours you spend mowing your lawn in the summertime, or all year if you’re in a southern climate, imagine having those hours back to do what you want with them. Synthetic lawns also do not need to be watered, saving you money on water costs and sprinkler systems.

The best way to dive into this process is to talk to an artificial grass expert, or a highly experienced and knowledgable distributor. They will be able to help you decide which grass is going to work well for your geographical area as well as your foot traffic demands. Purchase Green staff members are all very knowledgable on their grasses and are able to make a grass recommendation.

Posted on November 30, 2012

Nature’s Sod: This oldie is still a goodie!

At $2.50 per square foot, this grass is a steal! Nature’s Sod is a beautiful, high-quality grass with a 59 oz face weight. It’s olive bi-color blend with brown thatch makes it popular in areas with drier climates such as Nevada, California and Arizona. It is designed for people who are looking for high quality but can’t spend big money. Nature’s Sod is most commonly used in backyards and front yard applications, as well as children’s play areas. It was recently installed in a children’s playground at St. Paul’s Cathedral in Bermuda! It is considered to be one of our most family-friendly grasses because of its quality and affordable price. Nature’s Sod is truly a hidden gem amongst our grasses, with a perfect balance of realism, fullness and price. Below is a picture of the Bermuda installation.

Posted on November 30, 2012

Common Artificial Grass Myths Finally Answered

Myth: Artificial grass surfaces are completely maintenance free.
Fact: While maintaining an artificial grass area does not require a lot of work, it is not completely maintenance free. Frequent raking, and sweeping is necessary to keep Purchase Green’s artificial grasses looking their best and lasting their longest. High traffic areas, as well as dog areas, will need more attention than low traffic or non-dog areas. Artificial grass is a great investment and we like to help you get your money’s worth. Plastic bristled rakes can be purchased on Purchase Green’s website and at store locations.

Myth: All synthetic grass and artificial turf products have the same drainage capabilities.
Fact: The drainage capacity and performance of a turf field is based on the field’s base material and installation along with the turf system’s physical drainage properties. Purchase Green’s turf is equipped with percolation holes every six inches. These holes help prevent puddles and water build up. The water will flow to its natural flow point unless one has been created during the sub-base process. We offer another drainage solution that provides help to high impact areas. Purchase Green now sells drainage mats, these mats can be used in backyards, dog runs and sports fields.

Myth: Natural grass is the safest playing surface for sports.
Fact: Long-term independent testing concludes that artificial grass leads to less overall time lost to injury, fewer neural injuries, fewer cranial/cervical injuries, and less 3rd degree injuries. In the most critical areas of safety, artificial grass has proven to be consistently safer than any other turf system and better than natural grass. With artificial grass, the consumer has more control over how safe their grass is. The consumers can chose how soft their grass is and whether or not they want to use a shockpad underneath.

Posted on November 8, 2012

California PRO and Spring Plush Platinum make thier DEBUT.

California PRO and Spring Plush Platinum are the two newest grasses brought to you by Purchase Green. Both at 1.8″ pile height and a 75 oz face weight, these grasses are very dense and are perfect for any high traffic area. Individually, these grasses can shine on their own too. California PRO, feautured below, is an incredibly soft grass with an Olive Bi-Color and a green/brown thatch to enhance it’s natural look. The California Pro is the most natural looking southwestern style artificial grass on the market today. The look and texture has been achieved by using two different tall fibers – an oval shipped dark green fiber and a diamond shaped lighter green fiber – the variance in blade width and shape creates an amazingly natural texture.

Spring Plush Platinum, picture below, is a very green grass accompanied by a green thatch. The Spring Plush Platinum is a preimum grade artificial grass product. The look and feel of this amazing artificial grass product is the direct result of the yarn used – an oval shaped fiber made by Tencate. The shape of the fiber allows for outstanding memory without sacrificing its incredibly soft texture. You will want to take a nap on this grass in the spring and fall afternoons!

Posted on November 2, 2012

Exceldrain: The Miracle Drainage Solution

Artificial grass is completely revolutionizing the way athletes play sports. Although artificial grass fields have already been proven to be the better grass alternative, like any turf installation, artificial fields are susceptible to insufficient drainage. Purchase Green is proud to now offer its customers a superior solution to help control virtually all water issues. This miracle drainage solution is Exceldrain and can be purchased at any one of our Purchase Green distribution centers. Exceldrain, brought to you by American Wick Drain, is the leading product of its kind. Issues such as flooding and water build-up can now be prevented! Because of its perforated core, Exceldrain will efficiently collect and evacuate water from sports fields, dog runs, parks, and backyard applications. This patented drainage product consists of a “high compressive strength formed polystyrene core” that is manufactured with non-absorbent recycled materials. With Exceldrain installed below an artificial grass field, field safety and performance will be dramatically improved. Player impact and injury risk will be minimized as well as overall maintenance costs throughout the field’s life. Exceldrain will require an extra step in the installation process, but it necessary for a well-executed install. American Wick Drain has really surpassed all of our expectations with their Exceldrain product line and Purchase Green, as a company, is honored to be able to provide this product to our customers.

For an installation guide and some more information on this great product, please feel free to visit >

Posted on October 25, 2012

MLB among those helping to restore Mayer baseball field to its glory

Cheryl Hartz/Special to the Courier With cracked concrete and broken benches, the weed-covered baseball field below Mayer’s red brick school building on Main Street is on its way to once again becoming the community’s activity hub .

A Baseball for Tomorrow Fund grant from the Major League Baseball Players Association and MLB provides $88,143.56 for artificial turf, fencing and infield materials.

“It would have been impossible for this impoverished area to build a facility of its own,” Mayer District Superintendent Dean Slaga said of the nearly $300,000 project. “Mayer Unified School District will have a state-of-the-art Little League field for both baseball and softball, and not just a field but a nice complex.”

Slaga pointed out the artificial surface not only provides year-round use, but also supports Mayer’s water conservation program.

“The district attempted to dig wells, but we can’t get more water,” Slaga said. “The only option to make this fly was artificial turf.”

Fence posts already are in place, but official groundbreaking takes place at 11 a.m. on Thursday, Aug. 30.

Slaga invites one and all to share in the celebration. He expects officials from Major League Baseball and the Arizona Diamondbacks to attend.

The superintendent credits Mayer Elementary Principal Patti Leonard for initiating the project. She in turn credits retired Air Force Colonel Jim Murray with making it happen.

Murray said it started when Leonard mentioned to his wife, Terri McComb, an MUSD English teacher, emails she received concerning grant possibilities.

“Patti’s vision was to build a ‘Field of Dreams’ and Terri asked if I was interested,” Murray said.

Murray’s online research showed only two available grants, including the Arizona Diamondbacks’ offering, which allows for one field per year. Previously, the Baseball for Tomorrow grant topped out at $39,000, but Murray said the foundation just had lifted the cap when Leonard began to get more pointed emails in July about the grant application.

In his grant process research, Murray discovered more than 6,400 girls and boys ages 6-12 reside within a 25-mile radius of Mayer. That provided him necessary impetus to apply.

“It will develop kids both physically and mentally,” Murray said, adding, “Being partners with Major League Baseball has its benefits, too. We’ll be able to host clinics for coaches and umpires, as well as players, from all around the area.”

Furthermore, Murray called the grant “perpetual.”

“If we show the benefits, MLB may provide more (money),” he said.

With $200,000 worth of in-kind donations from community members and businesses from as far as Tucson, the project should be complete by mid-October.

“Without companies such as American Fence and Pioneer Sand and Gravel providing materials and like-in-kind donations, we wouldn’t be able to do this,” Murray said.

Slaga said $20,000 came from the J.W. Kieckhefer and Margaret T. Morris foundations. He also said Big 5 Sporting Goods and car dealerships in the greater Prescott area have expressed interest in becoming major sponsors as well.

The Toro Company already is on board to provide equipment for field maintenance and grooming, and Arizona Public Service will put in dusk-to-dawn lighting for security purposes.

“It’s not enough (light) to play on. We won’t be able to do evening games – yet,” Murray said with a grin.

Once the 32,000-square-foot turf and infield stabilizer are in, they can go ahead with dugouts, terracing for fan seating, weed barriers, concession and bathroom buildings, and eventually, additional landscaping. The school district’s property on the south side of Main Street will become a parking lot, and Slaga assured residents that access to street parking next to the field will be blocked, for safety and practical purposes.

The project’s initiators believe the complex will reunite the community.

“When I came here to teach in 1987, this ball field was the community hub,” Leonard said of the natural amphitheater with a backdrop of mountains and Mayer’s historic smelter.

A quarter of a century later, it will be again.

“It’s going to be unbelievable,” Murray said.

The project still requires about $5,000 in materials for a 15×45-foot storage building, as well as labor help on many aspects.

Anyone wishing to donate time, materials, or money can call Jim Murray at 928-775-7382.

Posted on August 22, 2012
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