Have you heard of the Landscape Conversion Incentive Program in Utah? Utah is looking to offer compensation as an incentive to save water. This Landscape Conversion Incentive Program can essentially provide qualified homeowners with a financial return for installing Artificial Turf.

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Utah Water Savers

In Utah, 60% of residential water consumption is dedicated to outdoor irrigation. In an effort to promote water-efficient plants and landscaping practices, the state is offering incentives to residents who opt to replace traditional lawns with water-wise landscaping through the Utah Water Savers program.

Grass Doesn’t Belong Everywhere

Receive compensation for replacing your grass with water-efficient landscaping.

Not only will you increase your yard’s curb appeal, but you will also be able to decrease water use and earn cash while doing so. Restrictions are dependent on the region, but the incentives are available for commercial, residential and industrial properties that currently have living, maintained grass.

For more information, including terms and requirements, visit: Program Summary

Landscape Incentive Program

This Central Utah Water Conservancy District is offering $0.50-$3 per square foot with a project minimum of 200 sq. ft. The annual incentive limit is $50,000 per project. 20% maximum outside of active recreational areas is required for water-efficiency standards for Commercial, Institutional, Industrial and Residential areas. Plant coverage at maturity is 50% not including tree canopy. The current qualifying cities are Heber, Lehi, Sandy, Cottonwood Heights, Alpine, Vineyard, Salt Lake City and Millcreek.

How to Apply?

Eligible participants may receive up to $3 per square foot of lawn replaced with water wise landscaping throughout state and district partnerships.

Rebate amount varies by location. Do not remove or kill grass prior to application approval and a site visit.

Applications for eligible areas will begin to be available at Utah Water Savers beginning in May.

How do I Qualify?

Individuals who own property or their designated representatives are eligible to apply if they are connected to a municipal water system and maintain an account in good standing. The project sites must be situated within a municipality or an unincorporated county area that has adopted water-efficient landscape standards. You must be pre-authorized to participate and the project must be completed within 12 months from approval date. Drip irrigation systems are required in converted areas and there are plant-coverage minimums and grass-coverage maximums. Grass is not allowed on park strips, slopes and in areas less than 8-feet wide.


Why Choose Artificial Grass Over Your Preexisting Lawn?

Artificial grass is an investment; it provides a means of saving money on landscaping and is a drought-conscious alternative to traditional lawns. Artificial turf also helps reduce the need for pesticides and fertilizers. Concerns regarding the potential toxicity of artificial turf and its properties have led to various studies. To date, no evidence has been reported that surface materials, yarns, infill, and backing are harmful to humans and pets under normal use conditions. Lastly, artificial grass can transform your landscape in a matter of days.

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