One of the many reasons homeowners choose artificial grass for their lawn is its year-round resilience. Whatever the temperature and regardless of where you live, you can enjoy the look and feel of a green, lush lawn. While artificial grass requires relatively little maintenance, the key to keeping your lawn looking its best is to follow these simple artificial grass upkeep tips during the winter months.

Check the Nails Securing Your Lawn

The natural changing of the seasons may have a slight impact on the materials used to secure your lawn to its base. Before the winter comes, check that your lawn is firmly secured and add nails or reaffix as needed.

Clear Debris as Needed

As fall turns to winter, you may find the leaves changing and dropping from the trees. Give your lawn a quick brush every few weeks to keep your lawn free of debris.

Tread Carefully

Artificial grass offers great performance and is quite resilient in nearly any kind of weather, but extreme cold may cause fibers to become brittle or slippery with frost. Walk on your lawn with caution when the weather drops below freezing.

Allow Snow to Melt Naturally

One of the great things about artificial grass is that it isn’t affected by snow or freezing rain. If your lawn receives a light dusting of snow, simply allow it to melt naturally.

For faster melting, pour warm water on the snow. If temperatures are below freezing, put several old cleaning towels or rags in the dryer and heat them up, then place them on the snow. Using salt may help the snow melt quicker and isn’t likely to damage the fibers, but salt residue can build up in the sub-base and interfere with the draining effect of your lawn.

Shovel with Caution

If you experience large amounts of snow that would make melting naturally difficult, shovel carefully. Use a plastic shovel and try to stay a minimum of four inches from the grass itself.

Do not use a metal shovel, as they can more easily damage the fibers. And try not to rake the shovel across the fibers themselves.


Artificial lawns are made to stand up to the elements, with drainage systems guaranteeing that even in the most extreme conditions, the melting of snow and ice won’t disrupt the color or appearance. With some minimal effort with your artificial grass upkeep, you’ll have the chance to enjoy a winter wonderland without having to worry about what’s waiting for you after the spring thaw.

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