The holidays are here–and homeowners with artificial grass lawns have reason to celebrate! Beyond being able to take advantage of the year-round great performance artificial grass has to offer, synthetic turf’s low maintenance and natural resilience makes it ideal for lawn decorating to match the season.

People have already been using artificial grass in outdoor decorating as an attractive, low impact accent. For those who have made the full switch, here are a few fun seasonal tips for decorating your artificial lawn to match the holiday.

Install an Artificial Christmas Tree

Match your lawn with an artificial Christmas tree. Embrace the spirit of the season–without the need to use excess water. Plus, both your lawn and your tree will last for years to come.

Put in Lights During the Day–and Turn Them on After Dark

While holiday lights always look their best after sundown, it is easier and safer to install them during the day while you can still see what you’re doing. This goes especially for anything requiring the use of a ladder to install.

Decorate Your Lawn with Faux-“Snowballs”

Don’t let warm weather keep you from having a “White Christmas.” Cover styrofoam balls with Snow-Tex artificial craft snow to create realistic looking snowballs you can position throughout your yard, with no need to worry about melting!

Turn Your Yard into a Candyland

DIY lollipop yard stakes

are one great way to put up a festive decoration while keeping it non-denominational. They are inexpensive to make, easy to assemble and disassemble, and can be tucked away for next season when it’s time to take them down.

Giant Holiday Ornament Lights

By following these simple instructions, you can craft your own oversized DIY Christmas lights to accent your lawn with gentle light. And since artificial lawns require no watering or mowing, you won’t have to worry about potential electrical hazards from moisture.

Create a Carpeted Outdoor Patio

If you live in a warmer climate, even if you have limited porch space, you can still have your holiday gathering right out on your artificial lawn. Simply roll out a carpet and set up a few patio chairs and tables along with your favorite decorations. Unlike a real lawn, your lawn will be unharmed by being compressed.

Put up Inflatables–But Don’t Forget to Secure Them Down

Inflatable characters like snowmen and Santas can be a fun, easy way to show your holiday cheer. But not staking them to the ground could allow a powerful gust of wind to blow them away and potentially create a hazard in the road.

Keep an Eye on Your Decorations

Sad to say it, but there are certainly a few Grinches out there. Every year thousands of families report their holiday decorations as stolen. Enjoy decorating for the season, but make sure you stay vigilant about possible thieves whose hearts may be three sizes too small.

However you choose to celebrate, the ease and durability of a Purchase Green artificial lawn makes decorating a breeze. From all of us at Purchase Green, we wish you the happiest of holidays!

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