At Purchase Green Artificial Grass one of our favorite things to do is answer questions. Yes, really! Our employees are great at their jobs because they know everything there is to know about our products and they love to share what they know.

From time to time we are asked whether Purchase Green artificial grass is American made. Some components of some of our grasses are made in America and some of are not. So let’s take a closer look at why that is the case.

The Global Economy

Artificial grass is made of three components: yarn (the actual grass), primary fabric (the fabric the grass is tufted through), and secondary coating (either a polyurethane or latex glue to hold the grass in place). Some of those components are extruded (yarn) or produced (glue) in America while others are extruded or produced abroad.

Artificial grasses, like countless other products, are part of an incredible economic engine that is driven by a globally-connected supply chain. Many amazing products are manufactured in America. Many are also manufactured elsewhere. Still others are a blend of both American and overseas production. Take your smartphone, for example. These devices have quickly become integral in our lives yet a little more than a decade ago their existence would have been considered nearly miraculous. If you happen to have an iPhone, look on the back. You’ll find text that reads “Designed by Apple in California. Assembled in China.” Now very few people would argue an iPhone is an inferior product because it’s put together in China.

Another example of global manufacturing is the automobile industry. If you drive a Ford or Chevy, some components of your car might be manufactured in Mexico, Canada or Japan. But you still think of Ford and Chevy as American car makers. At the same time, imports like Honda and Nissan have components that are made right here in America – yet we think of those cars as Japanese.

Purchase Green Artificial Grass is no different. Some of the materials in our products are made in the United States. Some are made overseas. And the reason for that is because Purchase Green’s promise is to offer customers the best products at the best prices, while always ensuring we have in stock the grass that best meets each customer’s needs. By sourcing materials from around the world, we’re able to do just that.

Part of the famous French joie de vivre, for example, is cheese. The French adore their cheese and expert French artisans only export a fraction of what they produce. A true cheese connoisseur looking for the finest products may have to travel to France to get them. At Purchase Green we are artificial grass connoisseurs and there are some uniquely amazing yarns which are only found in certain parts of the world.

As an example of globally connected and sourced products, Purchase Green has some  grasses that use fibers extruded in Dubai. From Dubai, they travel on to overseas facilities for production. Two of them – Eco Olive 80 and Eco Spring 80 – come to the United States. We do this because it allows us to leverage the different tufting and backing capabilities of the different factories in which these grasses are produced. The result of all this is that we’re able to offer customers the highest-quality artificial grass options at the best price to meet their specific needs.

Quality and Safety

Whether it’s China, the Netherlands, the U.K. the Middle East or the United States, Purchase Green has traveled the world to find the best possible materials to craft our artificial grasses. Purchase Green employees regularly visit factories the world over in a quest to deliver on our promise to our customers – the best grass at the best price.

Purchase Green Artificial Grass is headquartered in California. All of our products are designed here. All of our products are tested for safety in the United States. Our lead tests, for example, are all conducted in Lubbock, Texas and the results of those tests are available on Each of our grasses come with a lead test certification, an example of which you can find here.

That’s what it comes down to – if we can manufacture a particular grass to be of the highest-quality and be available at the best price, and we can do that in the United States, then we will. If we can manufacture a different grass to have those same characteristics but it means working with overseas partners, then we’ll do that too.

Ultimately, when you decide to install Purchase Green artificial grass, you can be confident that the product you’re buying is the best on the market, that it will be safe for you and your family, and that it will provide you with many years of enjoyment – and we go to the ends of the Earth to make sure that happens.

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