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Supply Checklist

1. Roll of grass

2. Weed Barrier

3. Infill – examples include

a. Silica Sand (100 lb. bags)
b. Enivrofill with Microban (50 lb. bags)
c. Green Acrylic Sand (50 lb. bags)

4. Seaming Glue

a. Quart (up to 12 LF of seaming)
b. Gallon (up to 50 LF of seaming)
c. 5 Gallon (up to 250 LF of seaming)

5. Seaming Tape

a. 12”
b. Double-sided seaming tape (50 LF per roll)

6. Sod Staples

a. Use for seams or for securing the weed barrier

i. 100 ct.
ii. 500 ct
iii. 1000 ct.

7. Bend-a-board secured with stakes

a. 2” x 2” x 12’ – subgrade perimeter frame

i. 12” composite stakes (every 3 feet)

1. Number of bend-a-board x 4

b. Wonder Edge – used along planters / areas with no natural restraint

8. Base – 3 inches – (Purchase Green DOES NOT SELL)

a. Crushed Miscellaneous Base – CMB aka Class 2 Road Base

b. Decomposed Granite – DG

9. Nails

a. 5” Nails

i. 50 lb. box
ii. 25 lb. box
iii. 10 lb. box

b. 3” Nails – for putting greens

10. Shock Pad (for playgrounds, sports fields, agility training areas)

a. 45mm
b. 18mm
c. 8mm

11. Drainage mats (for rooftop gardens and pet areas)

a. Perforated
b. Non perforated/solid core

12. Putting Greens

a. Cups

i. Aluminum
ii. Plastic
iii. Lighted

b. Flags

i. Checkered
ii. Solid Color

c. Poles

d. Chipping/Driving mat

i. Gold
ii. Platinum

13. Maintenance

a. Cleaners

i. Turf Bomb

1. Quart
2. Gallon

ii. Turf Cleaner

1. Quart
2. Gallon

iii. Wysiwash

b. Groomers/Rakes

i. 18” Grandi Groom
ii. 36” Grandi Groom
iii. Power Broom

14. Installation Tools

a. 8” Titanium snips
b. 8” Stainless Steel snips
c. SpeedPak utility knife
d. SpeedPak replacement blades

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