People choose artificial grass for many different reasons. Many folks just want a lawn that looks great all the time and requires very little maintenance. The grass you choose, however, should complement the amount of foot traffic you expect the grass to receive. Our grasses can be categorized by the traffic levels you want them to be able to handle. Foot traffic can lead to wear patterns. Depending on the traffic, mitigating wear patterns can be achieved through a combination of face weight, pile height, structure as well as the thickness and width of the individual fibers.

High Traffic

High-traffic grasses can stand up to just about anything – dogs, kids, sports and playground activities.
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Low Traffic

Low-traffic grasses are those that are intended to be installed largely for aesthetic purposes. These grasses can be walked on but, in general, any activity more substantial than walking should be avoided.
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Medium Traffic

Medium-traffic grasses include many of the most popular grasses we sell. These are grasses designed for everyday use.
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