Purchase Green offers eleven different yarns. With each yarn, there is a balance to be struck. As an example, generally the softer you make a yarn, the more you have to account for improving performance in the structure. Take our Nature’s Sod and Nature’s Sod Plush. These are two of the softest yarns we carry. But we also want them to perform, so we’ve designed the blades in an S-shape which helps maximize performance. The result is an awesome-looking, very soft, fiber that still performs. Hey, it’s the Purchase Green way.


We introduced the C-Shape fiber when we launched our Eco Family in 2015. We’re really excited about the C-Shape because it turns out the C has many amazing properties!
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Cool Yarn

Though not a specific type of yarn, some of our yarns feature Purchase Green’s Cool Yarn technology. These yarns are designed to reduce surface temperature.
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Diamond Shape

The Diamond shape is one of our favorite enigmas – the yarn is incredibly soft but it’s also really solid in the performance department. Plus, it looks amazing!
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Double Diamond Shape

The Double Diamond Shape is a rare breed – tall, lush and soft but also a very capable performer. It can do almost anything and feels like a dream to boot!
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Flat Shape

The Flat yarns is tried-and- true. Despite being no-frills, the Flat yarn nevertheless produces an amazingly realistic look and good performance.
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Hollow Shape

The Hollow yarn, introduced in 2017, is different from all the rest. It’s unique, it’s cool and performs great. Grasses made with the Hollow yarn are perfect for almost any application.
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Mini-W Shape

Another yarn introduced in 2017, the Mini-W is all about being awesome in every way. It’s a great all-purpose product, which explains why it has quickly become a bestseller!
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Known for its exceptionally soft feel, great performance, and having virtually no shine, the S-shape fiber is very popular all over the world.
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Stem Shape

A Stem yarn is similar to a Flat yarn with one key difference – a stem running the length of the blade which enhances memory and performance.
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New for 2017, the U-Shape is an incredible blend of texture and performance. It also happens to be the best-performing Cool Yarn grass you can buy!
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