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Mini-W Shape

One of the most important aspects of any variety of artificial grass is best appreciated close up. Like really, REALLY close up. At Purchase Green we design our grasses using seven different yarn types, each offering a unique shape and set of attributes. The shape of the grass blade is related to how the grass looks, feels and performs. This section is designed to help you learn about the benefits offered each of our yarn types.

Purchase Green’s Mini-W yarn uses the latest in yarn extrusion technology designed to be one of the best artificial grass for lawns available. It is a durable, de-lustered, temperature-controlled artificial grass lawn. Our Arizona Family is made with the premium grade, Mini-W fiber. The shape allows for the durability of a W-shaped fiber but with a different aesthetic – more similar in appearance to a winter rye than a fescue. The Mini-W also has reduced surface area resulting in a no-shine finish.

The Mini-W yarn is one of the best in the industry. It has outstanding memory and, with the proper amount of infill to suit your expected foot traffic, is a highly-durable grass. The Mini-W yields an excellent, high-quality, very natural looking product that is exceptionally hearty. We are tremendously excited about the Mini-W and love showing it off for customers visiting our showrooms.

Color: The Mini-W yarn is made with a de-lustered, monofilament tall fiber with a gorgeous green bicolor blend.

Design: We created the Mini-W yarn for the customer that wants an exceptionally natural look and prefers a durable grass with a pleasing texture. It really is a happy medium between a performance grass like a Vista and the luxuriously soft feel of, say, Nature’s Sod Platinum.

Performance: As in the look and feel departments, the Mini-W was engineered to blend together the most desirable attributes of other yarns. It may not be the best yarn in any one particular category, but in all categories it is very, very good. In every respect, the Mini-W is all-around excellent.

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