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One of the most important aspects of any variety of artificial grass is best appreciated close up. Like really, REALLY close up. At Purchase Green we design our grasses using seven different yarn types, each offering a unique shape and set of attributes. The shape of the grass blade is related to how the grass looks, feels and performs. This section is designed to help you learn about the benefits offered each of our yarn types.

Purchase Green’s Marathon line utilizes PG Cool Yarn technology in its “U” shaped fiber and is one of the best artificial grasses for lawns available.

Our Marathon grass, Eco Marathon Olive features a bi-color, 2″ tall primary fiber along with a turf green & tan curled fiber. It’s designed to withstand 5,000 UV hours (double the industry ASTM standard) – the equivalent of 10 to 20 years depending upon region.

The “U” shaped fiber and the polymer additives, similar to our Vista fiber, helps to reduce the surface temperature of the synthetic lawn grass by diverting UV rays from the shorter curled fibers where heat can be trapped resulting in 10% to 20% temperature improvements relative to non-temperature-controlled grasses. In additional to polymer additives, the shape of the fiber and construction of the product make it our BEST PERFORMING temperature-controlled artificial grass for lawns.

The U-shape is an excellent, high-quality, light-to-medium traffic artificial grass yarn. It is designed for the customer that wants a durable, natural-looking artificial grass lawn that emphasizes temperature-controlled fibers.

Color: The U-shape features field green and olive bicolor with chocolate/tan thatch. Grasses made with it look great when contrasted against beige, tan, or other earth-tone stucco or wood siding because of the brownish/orange hues picked up by the visible thatch. It also looks beautiful against off-whites or Spanish style stuccos. You could bring out some great shades against brick.

Design: With U-shaped yarns, you’ll get a tall, cool grass ideal for low traffic landscape applications and pet areas. The U-shape is simply terrific at reflecting away heat while also offering a very realistic aesthetic.

Performance: Interestingly, the same curvaceous property that keeps the U-shape from getting as warm as other grasses also helps its resiliency. Nature knows best and the U-shape, when you think about it, is really an arch. The arch, as you know if you’ve ever been to ancient Rome, is so durable and strong that it is often the only thing still standing after two thousand years. And in Utah, nature’s own arches have been standing for millions of years – a testament to the power of the U-Shape!

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