Backing Systems

There are many things that set Purchase Green apart from other artificial grass companies. A big reason is our backing systems. The backing system is what gives our grasses their amazing strength. The durability, performance and even the lifespan of our grass begins with the backing system.

PET Backing

Purchase Green’s PET backing system is a combination of the latest in artificial grass technology. PET stands for PolyLock Technology, Encore recyclability, and Total Surface Drainage. Together, these features produce a backing system that is unrivaled in the artificial grass industry.
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Secondary Backing

Why do we offer different backings? Like most things at Purchase Green, we do so in order to create products that best meet customers’ needs. Latex produces a more dimensionally stable system. Dimensionally stable is just a fancy way of describing a grass’s ability to retain its shape and (you guessed it) dimension.
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Triple-Layer Primary

If you’ve shopped for artificial grass before you may have seen products that use a single sheet of fabric or two pressed sheets of fabric. At Purchase Green you will find our products use our unique process incorporating a triple-layer, woven mesh of fabric. It’s awesome and it means that our primary fabric is thicker, more stable, and lasts longer.
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