Artificial Grass for Dogs is a Smart Choice

artificical grass for dogs
Increasingly, more property owners have come to appreciate artificial grass for dogs as an alternative to natural grass surfaces. It offers low cost, low maintenance and continuous beauty over conventional grass surfaces, dirt, cement or gravel. In addition to the practical and aesthetic benefits of using synthetic turf, you can be assured that your dog will love the surface just as much as you, because it looks and feels just like real grass, but will not irritate, nick, cut or stick in your dog’s paws. Synthetic turf frees dog owners of the hassles of protecting natural grass, such as when grass dies or turns yellow from urine.

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The Real Cost of California’s Drought: How Drought Resistant Grass Can Save Your Wallet

drought resistant grass
If you live in California, or pretty much anywhere in the American Southwest, go on Google Earth and look at your neighborhood – what do you see? If your area is anything like the majority of Southern California, then you’ll probably see a lot of green grass, nice gardens, and backyard pools. Great, sounds like where you live is the ideal suburbia, filled with summer adventures, barbeques, and community t-ball leagues. But underneath all that harmony and quality of life lies a very pressing, yet oftentimes hidden, danger; a region prone to droughts.

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The Season of Sneezin’: How to Stop Grass Allergies with Alternatives to Grass Lawns

alternatives to grass
For many people, allergies are a seasonal nightmare. And believe it or not, the innocuous-looking grass we see on lawns everywhere is a big part of the allergy problem.

While “hay fever” is used as a broad term to describe an allergic reaction to pollen in the air, grass allergies are the most common. What makes it more difficult is that grass is so ubiquitous; when grasses produce pollen, it becomes inescapable. Beyond the irritation that comes with inhaling grass pollen, which spreads in the spring and early summer, many people have experienced the discomfort of itchy skin after making contact with grass. And yes, even the itchy skin is related to grass allergies.

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California Facing Twice as Many Wildfires than Normal, Indicating Future Problems with the Drought

Photo by KFSB-TV

Photo by KFSB-TV

Summer is here and California is feeling the strain from the ongoing drought. The reminders have come in the form of a series of wildfires that have struck various parts of Southern California.

Through May, a total of 1,500 fires popped up all around the state of California. In the average year, the number of reported fires at this point would be 800. Nearly twice as many fires are happening now than what we would normally see.

Governor Jerry Brown believes that this is just the beginning. Summer has yet to begin, meaning that the hottest, driest months of the year are still ahead. He predicts many more fires during the summer.

“As we send billions and billions of tons of heat-trapping gases, we get heat and we get fires and we get what we’re seeing. So, we’ve got to gear up. We’re going to deal with nature as best we can, but humanity is on a collision course with nature and we’re just going to have to adapt to it in the best way we can.”

Governor Brown already made a pair announcements earlier in the year that California is in a state of drought. He has called upon Californians to conserve water as much as possible, ideally to the amount of a 20% reduction per household.

• Los Angeles County: The first major fire that hit California was the Colby Fire in January. It started in the Los Angeles National Forest, and after burning for over one week, had consumed over 2,000 acres of forest. The area, located above the city of Glendora, was already a red-flag advisory risk for fire. [1]

• San Bernardino County: The second major blaze was the Etiwanda Fire. This fire sparked in April in the San Bernardino National Forest, located right above the city of Rancho Cucamonga. The Etiwanda fire burned over 2,100 acres. [1]

• San Diego County: On May 13th, a series of fires broke out in San Diego County at roughly the same time. The Cocos Fire, which started just north of San Marcos, burned over 3,000 acres. Some of the other fires that burned during this same period in the San Diego area were:

  • The Pulgas Fire, which happened near Camp Pendleton, burned over 15,000 acres. Thus far, this was the largest fire in the country in 2014.
  • The Tomahawk Fire was the second largest, consuming over 6,000 acres.
  • While relatively small in size (600 acres) the Poinsettia Fire – located near Carlsbad – was destructive, doing over $22 million in property damage.

In particular, the conditions in San Diego were dry and windy enough to create a fire whirl, colloquially known as a “firenado.” Firenados occur when a combination of fire, extreme conditions and high swirling winds create a tornado effect where a column of fire can rise into the sky, sometimes reaching several hundred feet and lasting for up to 15 minutes.

The wildfires, fueled by dry conditions, high temperatures, low humidity and high winds are not likely to ease up until a significant amount of rainfall hits the region.
The combination of dry conditions and high heat will make for a rough summer for Californians. And as difficult as water conservation will be for homeowners, the state will end up in a tougher spot if fires become a problem, too.

That’s why so many homeowners in California, and across the country, are opting in for landscapes and yard solutions that incorporate artificial grass. According to the EPA, the average household in California uses close to 36,000 gallons of water each year for watering lawns and gardens.

That is a massive amount of water (and money!) that can be saved if homeowners are willing to consider the benefits of switching to artificial grass.

Check out our latest guide to learn just how much water (and money!) you can save by switching to artificial grass during the drought. And brace yourselves, California, we’re in for a long, hot summer.

Creative Projects with Artificial Grass!

One of our stocking dealers, Always Greener, out of Oklahoma City, Oklahoma, loves to get crafty with the leftover pieces of grass! Some of the projects she has come up with a surprisingly genius.

Check this out! A cutout of the United States! This would make great patio decor and a great way to show your patriotism.

Or how about this?! A bone shaped mat to go under your pet’s food. So cute! Its the little details that people notice.

This artificial grass monogram is also pretty cool. Something green for the front door that can be used all year round. Who isn’t looking for the perfect wreath that you don’t have to change as the seasons do?

Always Greener is really on to something great here.

We love to hear about your latest artificial grass ideas! Feel free to send them on in to my email and I’ll share it on our various pages! My email is [email protected] I look forward to hearing from you!

New Accessories at Purchase Green!

Two amazing new accessories have officially hit the shelves at the Purchase Green stores!

1. Seaming Glue in Quart size! Quality installations are properly seamed – and a proper seam requires a quality seaming glue. Purchase Green’s Supreme Seam is a moisture curing, one-component, polyurethane adhesive specifically designed for synthetic grass applications. Coverage: A QT will cover 12 LF of seaming using a 12″ wide tape; a Gallon will cover 50 LF of seaming using 12″ wide tape; a 5 Gallon pail will cover 250 LF of seaming using 12″ wide tape. This Quart sized Seaming Glue is perfect for smaller seams. Why buy the 5 gallon pail if you don’t need 5 gallons of glue?!

2. This accessory is sure to light up your world! (Cheesy light pun very intended) Putting Green Cup Lights! Finally you can play golf at night without losing the cup! How handy is that?!These Premium Putting Green Cups are made with a cast brass body and cap. The cups are equipped with a stamped brass golf cup holder bracket. A 6 – inch aluminum putting green cup is included. The complete set comes with the light, aluminum cup and PVC sleeve. The putting green cup light comes with a high impact clear tempered convex glass. LAMP SUPPLIED: 20w MR16 ULTRA SP(ESX); 10, 000 hours average rating (20w max) LAMP OPTIONS: We recommend 4w ARROW LED; 50,000 hour average rating SOCKET: High temperature ceramic GU5.3 bi-pin with 250°C silicone lead wires WIRING: 25 feet 16/2 lead wire MOUNTING: White 12″ PVC sleeve FINISH: Unfinished brass.

Both accessories are in stock and available at all Purchase Green locations as well as online at!

Advantages of Artificial Grass

Still on the fence about whether you want to make the switch? Is artificial grass all that its hyped up to be? YES IT IS.

Here are ten advantages of making the switch:

1. Purchase Green’s artificial grass once installed, requires very little maintenance! No watering or mowing is needed!

2. Customer’s save tons of money on water costs and gardening tools.

3. Fertilizer expenses and weed killers become a thing of the past!

4. The decrease in chemical activity means not only are you saving your bank account, but saving the environment too.

5. Pulling out weeds sucks! No weeds with artificial grass!

6. Artificial grass lasts twice as long as natural grass, no replanting necessary.

7. Artificial grass drains significantly better than natural grass, the grass will dry quickly and your yard won’t turn into a muddy mess.

8. The excellent drainage means your yard won’t flood like it used to, no muddy puddles or muddy footprints in the house.

9. Artificial grass is SAFER for sports players.

10. Artificial grass always looks perfectly green and perfectly manicured.