When you’re considering transforming your lawn with Purchase Green artificial grass, it’s perfectly natural to think Spring or Summer is the best time for such a project. But there are three convincing reasons why Fall is the best time create a stunning, new landscape.

Purchase Green was born in California and is now proud to serve customers in Arizona, Nevada and Texas too. One thing folks in all four states can agree on is that doing labor-intensive outdoor projects in the Summer can be brutal. Summertime is hot! Which brings us to reason #1 to install artificial grass in the Fall.

It’s So Much Cooler!

Whether you’re a DIYer or a landscape contractor, an artificial grass installation means you’re spending a good deal of time outdoors. In the Fall, cool, crisp breezes take center stage away from the hot Summer sun, making your artificial grass installation project…well, not a walk in the park but certainly a lot less sweaty and sunburn-y.

Why do people love Fall? Is it because of pumpkin spice coffee? Or is it because of pumpkin spice cookies. It could be because of pumpkin spice candles. Or perhaps it’s because of our new pumpkin spice artificial grass! (just kidding) It may shock you to learn that most people love Fall for entirely non-pumpkin spice reasons but instead our #2 reason to install artificial grass in the Fall.

It’s the Colors!

The beautiful colors of Fall are why we romanticize it so. In many parts of the country Fall is truly a visually splendid time. And you know what looks absolutely stunning against that red and orange wonderland of color? A beautiful, lush green lawn made using Purchasing Green artificial grass. Go ahead, picture it in your head, it looks awesome, doesn’t it?

As much as we love marveling at nature in Autumn, for many of use the cooler seasons mean more time with friends and family indoors. Which brings us to our seemingly counterintuitive but actually really good reason #3 to install artificial grass in the Fall.

There’s Fewer People Outside!

Think about Spring and Summer – there’s Easter, graduations, backyard barbecues, birthday parties, kids sports games, Fourth of July…who among us ever has a free weekend to even keep up with basic home maintenance in the Summer, let alone a big outdoor project?

In the Fall, there are fewer outdoor activities, which is great for DIYers especially. It means you don’t have to plan around Susie’s birthday party and hosting that barbecue. You may actually have two (or more!) consecutive, free weekends to finally do that artificial grass project you’ve wanted for so long.

So you see, Fall really is a great time for an artificial grass project. And whether you’re a DIYer or you’re looking for a complete, turnkey installation, at Purchase Green we have you covered. And as always, we’re happy, helpful and happy to help. To find a Purchase Green near you, click here!