It’s part of the American Dream – having a hunk of the vast landscape of this country to call our own. We even refer to it as such – it’s our own, personal landscape. For many of us, we feel it’s our duty to keep our landscape looking great. So we spend our weekends mowing, trimming and weeding. Or we just say to heck with it and hire a gardener.

But there’s another option: artificial grass from Purchase Green. With artificial grass you can transform your lawn and overcome these 5 common landscape problems most homeowners face.

Problem: Unattractive Yard

Everyone would like to have a gorgeous yard. But for a variety of reasons, many homeowners find that having an attractive lawn is a difficult goal to achieve. Maybe you have rocky soil. Maybe your lawn is on a slope. Maybe you’re just one of those folks born without a green thumb. It happens and it’s OK because artificial grass from Purchase Green is the perfect way to transform your lawn.

When your lawn is unattractive, that often means its functionality is limited as well. Maybe that results in your kids having to find somewhere else to play or that big backyard party you’d like to have never materializes. Ultimately, an unappealing lawn with diminished usefulness can have real, tangible impacts on your life. Is it the most important thing in the world? Certainly not, but an artificial grass lawn is a great stress reducer and will help make you a happier homeowner.

Problem: Expensive Water Bills

Watering the lawn costs a lot of money. Well, if you want to keep it green that is. Due to the severity of the recent drought, homeowners in the West were made acutely aware just how much water they were using to irrigate their lawns as well as the expense associated with keeping a living lawn healthy.

Depending on where you live, outdoor irrigation can constitute as much as 60 percent of your residential water consumption. A homeowner with an 1,800 square-foot lawn can expect to consume 99,000 gallons of water per year to irrigate the lawn.  99,000 gallons of anything is a lot. When we’re talking about the most important resource on Earth, well, there’s got to be a better way. And there is! Artificial grass saves all that water and, as a result, will wind up paying for itself in just a few years.

Problem: Maintenance Costs

Whether you pay a gardener to maintain your lawn or you do it yourself – the costs can really start to add up. A good gardener can cost you well over $1,000 dollars each year. And depending on where you live, $1,000 may be a bargain!

With artificial grass, there is almost no maintenance required at all. Aside from occasional, light grooming and leaf blowing, an artificial grass lawn is pretty much maintenance-free. In fact, the few times you do have to do anything will mostly be happy reminders that you’re saving tons of money and your lawn looks amazing. Plus, it helps solve our next problem…time.

Problem: Not Enough Time

Do any of us ever have enough time to accomplish all our goals or even tackle all the problems we face each day? Save for a lucky few, the answer is most likely no. Our time is at least as valuable, if not more valuable, than actual money.

For parents, shuttling the kids to dance practice or thrice weekly helping coach a little league team eats up a lot of time. Maybe once or twice a week you’d like to carve out an hour or two to do something you enjoy as well. For many folks that means lawn care takes up a weekend afternoon. Wouldn’t you rather spend that time teaching your kids to fish or going on a hike?

Artificial grass gives you back time. And ultimately isn’t that what’s most important?

Problem: Pet Issues

Lastly, there are a lot of pet lovers out there who also happen to enjoy having a nice-looking lawn. Sometimes, however, those two things don’t mix well. The joy pets bring us can be diminished by soiled lawns, dead spots in the grass, mud tracked through the house or any number of the myriad ways our pets concoct to test us.

Artificial grass from Purchase Green is really the most ideal lawn solution for homeowners with pets. Our grasses will handle anything your pets might try while still looking great all year long. We know how important pets are so we take care to engineer our grasses to be pet-friendly and we make sure cleaning up after them a breeze.

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