We are extremely pleased to announce the arrival of Purchase Green’s new lineup of solar landscape lights! The lights we offer are some of the finest solar landscape lights available anywhere. Crafted to provide the perfect blend of power, design and illumination, our solar landscape lights help Purchase Green fulfill the promise of giving customers solutions that beautify while saving money, time and natural resources!

Purchase Green has always been committed to creating beautiful landscapes that save water. Now we can help save energy too! Our new lineup of solar lights are manufactured using the highest-quality components to create gorgeous, long-lasting illumination. These ain’t your stake-in-the-ground, stop-working-a-week-later lights you get at the big box stores. These are professional-grade solar landscape lights that will truly transform your outdoor spaces!

We encourage you to see these lights for yourself at your local Purchase Green showroom. If you’ve never experienced solar lights of this quality, prepare to be amazed! You won’t believe how beautiful or how bright they are! Now is the time to transform your lawn with Purchase Green. A beautiful, lush landscape all year without water and now gorgeous, landscape lighting without electricity! It’s the perfect combination for the ultimate, sustainable lawn!

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