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Willow Shape

One of the most important aspects of any variety of artificial grass is best appreciated close up. Like really, REALLY close up. At Purchase Green we design our grasses using seven different yarn types, each offering a unique shape and set of attributes. The shape of the grass blade is related to how the grass looks, feels and performs. This section is designed to help you learn about the benefits offered each of our yarn types.

Introduced in 2018, Purchase Green’s Willow yarn is created with next generation yarn extrusion technology. With the first truly non-directional yarn in the industry now available, Purchase Green is able to offer superior performance for playgrounds and baseball fields. First developed for use on professional baseball fields in Japan this product is an exceptional solution for your high traffic area applications. Our Willow yarn makes traditional wear patters a thing of the past. Willow yarn technology simplifies the seaming process – making it easier to hide installation seams.

The Willow yarn is currently featured exclusively in Purchase Green’s all-new Playground Pro, one of the most versatile grasses we’ve ever produced. Thanks to the Willow yarn, Playground Pro is capable of serving in pretty much any role you imagine for it – from backyards to putting green fringe to soccer field (and of course, as the name implies, playgrounds).

Color: The Willow yarn is produced in a blend of field green and olive green with dark green and beige thatch. There is a moderate amount of shine with the Willow yarn to go along with its darker, denser color scheme.

Design: We’re pretty excited about the Willow yarn’s design. It’s unique among all our other grasses. The non-directional nature of the yarn really sets it apart. Some of the folks here at Purchase Green HQ say it reminds them of that shorter, dense grass common to the Hawaiian Islands.

Performance: You’ll be hard-pressed to find a better all-around performer than the Willow yarn. It was created to replicate baseball fields – so it’s got great toughness, durability and feel. In baseball, outfielders must go from standing still to sprinting while making lots of lateral movements. What that means for you in a landscape or playground setting is that the Willow yarn will standup to whatever you throw at it.

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