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Roll Width & Size

We often get asked why rolls are a particular width – some are 13.1’ and some are 15’. Our explanation is that the artificial grass industry is primarily driven by sports applications and sports fields are constructed in terms of yards or meters.

In the United States, the industry is driven by American Football, so rolls are produced 5 yards wide (15’ wide rolls).

In Europe and Asia, the driving sports are soccer and the primary unit of measurement used there is the meter, so rolls are produced 4 meters (13.1’) wide.

Additionally, freight containers are constructed in such a way to facilitate the shipment of goods measured in terms of meters. So from a shipping and freight standpoint, it is more cost effective to produce and transport rolls 4 meters wide as opposed to 5 yards wide.

Some companies will still produce and sell rolls that are 12’ wide and this is typically the case because they are using older carpet machinery and carpet rolls are typically 12’ wide.

Which is better? Well in most instances, either is fine.

Rolls that are 13.1’ wide are easier to handle and in most instances can result in less waste. The 15’ wide rolls are a bit more cumbersome to transport, but in some instances, they can help to eliminate one or two seams.

Purchase Green produces products in both 13.1’ wide and 15’ wide to provide customers the option to select a grass that is the ideal width for their particular application.

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