Why Artificial Grass?

According to research conducted by the Synthetic Turf Council, “In North America, the total value of installed synthetic turf systems is expected to be approximately $2.7 billion USD in 2020. This activity translates into approximately 265 million square feet of installed turf and 777 million pounds of infill.

Overall, the market has seen an approximate increase of 15 percent since 2017.”

Furthermore, the synthetic turf market has continued to see an increase in positive public perceptions, sustainability performance and increased usability continuing to drive demand and increase overall usage.


Purchase Green Artificial Grass has a proven track record of success. Their established name, along with existing web presence and marketing is an important resource.
I installed artificial grass prior to purchasing my PG franchise, so it was a natural fit. Having access to Purchase Green’s distribution network is a great benefit.
The reason why we stayed with Purchase Green was because of the product warranty, the customer service, and the product itself. The grass is softer, the blades are thinner, it looks more real.

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Why Purchase Green?

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