Why Start a Franchise?

Franchises are a great solution to those desiring to run their own business and are looking for the support and backing of existing brand.


The Franchisee has the incentive of owning their own business and operating that business as a franchisee of a well-established business with a successful track record, and with the additional benefit of the continuing assistance from the artificial turf Franchisor.


The Franchisee taps into the bulk purchasing power and negotiating capacity made available by the size of the Franchisor’s network.


A Franchisee can call on the specialized and highly-skilled  knowledge and experience of the Franchisor’s corporate organization, while remaining secure and focused on their business.

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  • The synthetic turf industry is an American success story. Overall, the market has seen an approximate increase of 15 percent since 2017.

We’re an internationally recognized brand with the fastest growing distribution network in the company, but with strong footprints in local markets to provide convenience and service to our customer base.