At Purchase Green, we pride ourselves in being the leading industry experts. By focusing on providing the most accurate and relevant information to our customers, we’ve created a store environment that promotes genuine interactions and helps customers identify the best products to suit their needs. 

Our job is to empower customers to be in control of their purchase by fully understanding the value of our products and brand. And honestly, we feel our grasses practically sell themselves.

The Beginning

It all began with brothers Nick and Tony Vena, and their childhood friend, Mike Skeehan. In 2008, the three of them founded Purchase Green Artificial Grass, and soon opened their first store and warehouse in La Verne, California. 

The industry was still young then, but as technology improved, so did demand – 

by June of 2010 they were opening their second store in Sacramento, quickly followed by new locations in Las Vegas, San Jose and Escondido.

Each new store and warehouse was staffed by friends and family, who passionately believed in the vision of our brand. As you can see, the family has grown quite a bit since!  

Where We Are Today

As of January 2020, Purchase Green has a total of 24 locations, two of which are corporate offices . 

First, is the Master Distribution Center in Pomona, CA, Purchase Green’s first and largest distribution center of artificial grass goods. 

Then, there’s the Office of Business Management in Encinitas, CA, out of which the Sales, Marketing, and Customer service departments operate.

As for retail locations, Purchase Green is present in California, Nevada, Arizona, Colorado, and Texas – nine corporate owned and eleven territory holders.

Additionally, we have a distribution office in Beijing, China and the Sales and Service Support Center in Southern California. However, growth hasn’t stopped and we’re still opening new locations every year – with an expected growth rate of 5-10 additional stores per year. 

Purchase Green puts an emphasis on providing the best products at the best pricing with the best customer service; we have never been a high-pressure-sales organization. Instead, we are a unique force in the industry, which is best described by the three characteristics of this company. 

Our Brand

Brand Identity

We are the experts in everything related to artificial grass and the installation process

Brand Commitment

To build stores that have everything a customer needs in one place

Brand Promise

No matter if someone is in the store or online, we’re happy, we’re helpful, and we’re happy to help

Our Value Proposition

We’re local, in that our showrooms and warehouses are close to our client base

We’re experts, so customers always feel informed and empowered with knowledge

We’re convenient, because we maintain a large inventory and provide a wide range of products

Our Business Model

Local Market Distribution

We operate within the same markets we’re distributing to.

Expert Knowledge

We train our staff to have a complete understanding of the industry and products, as well as the manufacturing and installation processes.

Wholesale Pricing

While catering to the DIY homeowner market, we also supply contractors and dealers that benefit from discounts.

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