Purchase Green Artificial Grass, the premier provider of top-quality synthetic turf and a proud member of The Recreational Group (RG), is delighted to announce the conversion of Artificial Grass Superstore Tucson, a trusted provider of top-quality synthetic turf, to Purchase Green Tucson. Under the umbrella of Purchase Green Artificial Grass, the store will retain its location, dedicated staff, and commitment to delivering exceptional service. This transition opens doors to a range of new benefits and opportunities, further enhancing the customer experience for Arizona residents.

As Purchase Green Tucson, the store gains access to extensive resources, industry expertise, and renowned product offerings. Customers will enjoy an expanded selection of premium synthetic turf products, including residential lawns, commercial landscapes, pet-friendly turf, sports fields, putting greens, and more. With an array of artificial grass options featuring various blade shapes, textures, and colors, Purchase Green Tucson ensures that customers can find the perfect solution.

“After numerous successful years providing quality services in southern Arizona, we are thrilled to join Purchase Green and expand our product selection to further meet our client’s needs,” said Esthela Phillips, assistant store manager of Purchase Green Tucson.

Purchase Green Tucson will continue to serve Tucson and its surrounding areas, offering expert guidance on product selection, installation techniques, and maintenance tips. The knowledgeable staff members, who are well-versed in the intricacies of synthetic turf, will be on hand to assist customers in finding the ideal artificial grass solution for their specific projects.

Under the Purchase Green brand, sustainability remains a core focus. Purchase Green Tucson will continue to offer environmentally friendly synthetic turf products that conserve water, reduce maintenance costs, and eliminate the need for harmful pesticides and fertilizers. The store’s commitment to providing durable and sustainable landscaping solutions aligns perfectly with Purchase Green’s mission.

Customers can expect a seamless transition from Artificial Grass Superstore Tucson to Purchase Green Tucson, with no interruption in service or support. The change in name represents an exciting opportunity to access a wider range of high-quality products, industry-leading expertise, and exceptional customer service.

As a leading supplier of premium synthetic turf products, Purchase Green provides customers with high-quality and environmentally friendly solutions across a variety of applications. For further information on supplies, store locations, and franchise opportunities, please visit purchasegreen.com.



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