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At Purchase Green Artificial Grass - Tucson we have everything you need to take your landscape surfacing to the next level. Our showroom and warehouse feature a wide variety of artificial grass products for virtually every application at a variety of price points. We are also your source for for fake ivy walls, VersaCourt sport and game courts and Swisstrax tile for garage basement and outdoor living applications.
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At Purchase Green Artificial Grass - Tucson, you will find the best artificial grass solutions for residential and commercial landscapes, as well as playgrounds, sports fields, dog runs, and putting greens. From individual sales and small DIY projects to wholesale pricing for licensed contractors, we offer synthetic grasses at industry-best pricing. We take pride in being your partner in business as your supplier of artificial turf and installation products.

Call us at (520) 895-4924 or visit our store to speak with a product expert and get the perfect grass for your unique needs.

Purchase Green Artificial Grass - Tucson Showroom

Why Purchase Green Artificial Grass?

Large selection of both American made and imported turf at various price points.

Huge inventory of turf, materials, tools, and installation accessories

Same day pickup or delivery in Tucsonand the surrounding area.

Expert service including materials selection, installation, support, and access to knowledge

Exclusive contractor discounts and access to our reliable inventory & logistics network.

Artificial Grass & Turf for Every Application

At Purchase Green Artificial Grass - Tucson, we stock a huge selection of artificial grass available for same-day pickup or local delivery. The turf can be cut to size for your specific application including:

Lawn & Landscape Grass

Purchase Green offers over 25 different artificial grass products for virtually every application, every design and every budget along with the infill, drainage tile and tools and equipment needed to install.

Playground Grass

Take playground safety to a new level with playground turf from Purchase Green. We stock a number of soft, cushiony artificial grass products along with shock pads, antimicrobial infill and cleaning products.

Pet & Dog Turf

When it comes to selecting artificial grass for dogs, Purchase Green has you covered. We stock a number of pet turf products as well as deodorizing infills, drainage tiles and bacteria-killing cleaners.

Golf & Putting Green Turf

Purchase Green offers everything you need to build your own backyard putting green. We stock turf for both the putting surface and fringe as well as infill, cups, flags and the tools and products needed to install one.

Sport & Game Turf

Whether you are building a backyard bocce court or want artificial grass for batting cage, play field or fitness area, Purchase Green stocks a wide variety of products for creating sports fields, courts and gyms.

Artificial Grass Remnants

Need a smaller piece of synthetic turf for your patio or balcony? Want artificial grass for your golf simulator room? Visit a Purchase Green store near you for access to our stock of artificial grass remnants and shorts.
Artificial Grass Accessories

Accessories & Installation Tools

As the Tucson area's full service artificial grass company, we stock a complete line of accessories and insulation tools including PerfectGroom Power Brooms and the innovative Ultra Base panels that make installing artificial grass quicker, easier, and cheaper.

Synthetic Turf Tools

The Purchase Green Service Advantage

Whether you are a do-it-yourselfer looking for guidance on how to install artificial grass or a landscape contractor looking for reliable source of quality turf at competitive prices, the Purchase Green team is always “Happy, Helpful and Happy to Help!”

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Other Recreational Surfaces

While visiting our showroom, you can also see, touch, and test surfaces from VersaCourt and Swisstrax.

VersaCourt Sports & Game Courts

Bring the Fun Home with VersaCourt. Engineered for safety, durability and performance, VersaCourt offers a full array of multi-functional sport and game courts that will transform your backyard into an oasis of fun.


SwissTrax Premium Floor Tile

Designed as a durable, longer lasting and better performing alternative to epoxy floors, Swisstrax transforms garages, basements and outdoor living spaces with attractive and easy-to-maintain flooring that lasts for years.


Artificial Ivy

Transform any space with Purchase Green's lush, natural looking artificial ivy. Built to last with anti-UV materials, our ivy enhances the look and feel of any space while transforming cold sterile walls into warm vertical gardens.


Serving the Radiant Sonoran Desert

Located at 3781 North Highway Drive, Suite 103, Tucson, AZ 85705, Purchase Green Artificial Grass is your trusted source for premium synthetic turf solutions in the scenic Sonoran Desert.

Our store is situated near the nearby Interstate 10, ensuring that we can efficiently meet the needs of customers in Tucson and surrounding communities like Oro Valley, Marana, and Sahuarita.

For people in the Tucson area, Purchase Green makes it easy to have a beautiful landscape, yard, playground, backyard putting green, or pet area.

Come visit or call (520) 895-4924 and we can guide you through a DIY installation, provide a material quote, get artificial grass samples, or schedule a free in-home estimate.

Artificial Grass Reviews of our Tucson, AZ Store

Our Purchase Green Artificial Grass Tucson store has some of the best artificial grass reviews in the area.

View a few of our many great artificial grass reviews taken from our highly rated review pages.

Purchase Green Artificial Grass Shares Information About Tucson, AZ

Situated amidst the Sonoran Desert in the southwestern United States, Tucson, Arizona, is a vibrant city that blends a rich history, breathtaking landscapes, and a growing modern appeal. Known for its stunning sunsets, diverse culture, and outdoor adventures, Tucson has become a sought-after destination for both tourists and residents alike. In this blog post, we will delve into the city’s weather, history, top attractions, and how Purchase Green Artificial Grass is serving the needs of Tucson residents.

Tucson boasts a unique desert climate, characterized by hot summers and mild winters. The city experiences approximately 350 days of sunshine each year, making it an ideal location for those who enjoy outdoor activities. During summer, temperatures can soar above 100°F (38°C), while winter offers pleasant days with highs typically reaching the 60s to 70s°F (15-25°C). Though summer can be scorching, the dry heat is more tolerable compared to humid regions, attracting snowbirds and winter visitors seeking a warm escape.

Tucson’s history dates back thousands of years, with evidence of Native American settlements as early as 4,000 BCE. The area was inhabited by various indigenous groups, including the Hohokam and Tohono O’odham tribes. In the 17th century, Spanish explorers arrived, followed by Mexican rule and eventually incorporation into the United States in 1854.

Tucson’s rich history can be seen in its architecture and cultural heritage. The city’s downtown area showcases well-preserved adobe buildings and historic sites, such as the Mission San Xavier del Bac, a stunning Spanish colonial mission founded in 1692. Exploring Tucson’s history offers visitors a glimpse into the city’s roots and its multi-faceted cultural past.

Saguaro National Park is one of Tucson’s main attractions, Saguaro National Park is divided into two districts (east and west). Here, visitors can marvel at the iconic saguaro cacti, unique to this region, as well as other desert flora and fauna. The park offers excellent hiking trails, scenic drives, and breathtaking vistas of the surrounding desert landscape.

As Tucson residents embrace the desert lifestyle, they are also seeking sustainable solutions for landscaping. This is where Purchase Green Artificial Grass Tucson steps in to meet the needs of homeowners and businesses alike.

Purchase Green offers premium artificial grass that perfectly complements the arid environment of Tucson. With its realistic appearance and low-maintenance features, artificial grass has become a popular choice for creating beautiful and sustainable landscapes. Tucson residents can enjoy year-round greenery without the need for excessive watering or mowing, conserving precious water resources and reducing overall maintenance costs.

Moreover, the synthetic grass is designed to withstand the city’s hot summers and remain durable in the face of challenging weather conditions. By choosing Purchase Green Artificial Grass, Tucson residents are contributing to the preservation of the region’s unique ecosystem while enjoying a beautiful and functional outdoor space.

Tucson, Arizona, is a desert gem that captures the hearts of all who visit or call it home. Its rich history, stunning natural beauty, and abundance of attractions make it a city with something to offer everyone. As Tucson continues to evolve, embracing sustainable solutions like Purchase Green Artificial Grass ensures that its beauty and appeal will thrive for generations to come. Whether exploring the desert landscape or relaxing in a backyard adorned with artificial greenery, Tucson offers a unique and unforgettable experience for all. Come down to Purchase Green Tucson today!

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