You’ve decided that artificial grass was the smart investment for your turf needs but now you want to make sure your lawn is looking its absolute best. This is where Wonderedge comes into play. Wonderedge is the superior edging system designed specifically for artificial grass installations. When your artificial grass area does not have a natural border such as a driveway or a concrete barrier, Wonderedge provides a sturdy and solid border. Wonderedge is incredibly easy to install and saves your installation crew time and saves you money. This is not your “cheap and easy fix” or a “corner being cut”, Wonderedge provides a quality edge solution at a very reasonable price. The Wonderedge is very flexible and can be bent around any shape of lawn. A lot of homeowners like to use the Wonderedge to provide a barrier between their flower beds and artificial lawn. Wonderedge will create a beautiful, clean and attractive finish to any artificial grass area. Of course, Wonderedge can be ordered and will called at any Purchase Green location as it is now a product that is stocked year round.
Here are some pictures of the Wonderedge product as well as a link to an installation video just to show you how truely easy it is to work with!

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