We’re right in the middle of Autumn and for most of us that means significant weather changes are afoot. Whether you live in an area that stays sunny and warm or gets cold and wet, you may be wondering how artificial grass handles adverse weather conditions.

With locations throughout California, Nevada, Arizona, Texas and Colorado, here at Purchase Green we know a thing or two about what to expect from your artificial grass when unexpected weather comes calling.

4 Things to Know About Artificial Grass and Weather


Purchase Green’s first showroom opened east of Los Angeles in the San Gabriel Valley. Our second showroom opened in the Sacramento region and our third showroom opened in Las Vegas. The point here is we know a lot about how artificial grass performs in hot weather. So, does artificial grass get hot? Yes, it can in direct sunlight. But thanks to advancements in technology, Purchase Green grass will get about as warm as beach sand. And if the grass is any warmer than that, then that means it’s an exceptionally hot day, one during which you’d be very unlikely to be outside playing on the grass anyway.


Heavy rain can be a pain. But if you’ve got properly-installed artificial grass from Purchase Green, you’ll be singing in the rain. That’s because our grass has been tested in compliance with ASTM to ensure permeability of 27″ – 30″ per square yard per hour, which is twice as much as the heaviest rainfall per hour ever recorded. More good news, we just launched a new line of artificial grass that features fully permeable backings.


So it snowed on your artificial grass lawn. What should you do? The answer – nothing. Well, not nothing. Enjoy the snow! Maybe make some snowmen, have a snowball fight…the point is snow doesn’t affect artificial grass at all. Just let it melt away. A word of caution though – if you really insist on shoveling the snow off your grass, use a plastic shovel. Don’t use metal. While snow won’t damage the grass, jabbing it with large metal shovel might.


If you live in an area frequented by high winds, the best protection you can give your artificial grass is a proper installation. A premium Purchase Green installation includes the installation of a sub-base, the use of Bend-a-Board, thorough nailing and securing of the grass and premium infill. This robust installation ensures your artificial grass can stand up to pretty much anything short of tropical storm or hurricane force gusts.

Mother Nature has a lot of tricks up her sleeve but for the most part your Purchase Green artificial grass is up to the task. Now, if it starts raining frogs or fish we can’t really help you there.