Tuft bind is one of the most important factors in the longevity and durability of your artificial grass. Consider the traffic levels of your application site. If there is high traffic, or even moderate traffic, a good tuft bind is going to be your best friend. 

So, what is tuft bind?

Tuft bind is a measure of the force required to pull a stitch of blades through the backing system.

In sport field applications, tuft bind is what will keep the grass in place when an outfielder is diving to make a catch, when linemen are blocking each other, and when a goalie slides to stop a goal. Good tuft bind is a result of a great backing system.

Artificial grass backings are the least-often seen part of artificial grass but, one could argue, the most important. An artificial grass’ backing system is responsible for supporting the dimensional stability, tuft bind, and longevity of the finished product, but the exact combination of the various types of primary and secondary components greatly impact the durability of a given grass. 

At Purchase Green we use a triple-layer, woven mesh of fabric for our primary backing. 

It is through the primary backing that the yarn is sewn. The secondary backing is applied after the yarn has been woven into the primary backing. Secondary backings are typically made of latex or polyurethane, though there are some specialized exceptions. This coating acts as an adhesive. It dries around the stitches to hold them in place. The amount and type of secondary backing used will vary and contribute to the life of the grass. Thicker, stronger backings have greater tuft bind.

Our latex and polyurethane backings both produce a tuft bind that requires a force of between 13 pounds and 14 pounds per square-inch. That’s a lot compared to competitors’ standard of 8 pounds per square-inch.

If you’re starting an artificial grass project, it’s important to start thinking about how much traffic your grass will be getting. Your local Purchase Green experts will absolutely be able to help you find that perfect grass for your project, so don’t forget to reach out with any questions!