If you’ve looked through our product page on our website, you may have noticed that over a dozen of our grasses are marked with our Cool Yarn label. So, what? That grass can do sick kickflips and wears a leather jacket? Is that why it’s so cool?

Unfortunately, our artificial grass technology has not developed to the point where our grass can do cool skateboard tricks, but I’ll be bringing that up in our next company meeting. On the flip side, our artificial grass technology has made it possible for grass to be 10-20% cooler!

And that’s what we call Cool Yarn!

How warm artificial grass gets depends on the grass’s density and color. Darker, thicker grasses will get warmer than lighter, less dense grasses. It’s like wearing a black sweater vest in the sun versus wearing a white tank top. That white tank top is going to keep you a whole lot cooler than that sweater vest.

So, how do we make Cool Yarn grasses cool?

It all starts with the material. In order to keep those molecules in the grass from getting all excited in the heat, we introduce inhibitors into the grass’s pigment. These inhibitors help reflect the sun’s heat away from the grass blades instead of absorbing it.

Not only do our inhibitors make our grass cool, but the actual shape of the blade helps, too! Mini W-shaped and V-shaped blades are better at reflecting heat away than other blade shapes. The V-shape is found in our Vista line of grasses, and the mini W-shape is found in our Arizona line.

Vista Natural 65 featuring our Cool Yarn technology

The Coolest Grass You Know

Why is our Cool Yarn grass so cool? The inhibitors are like the cool skateboard tricks, kickflipping that UV radiation away from the grass. And the blade shape is the leather jacket, reflecting heat and keeping up appearances. Maybe one day I’ll be as cool as Cool Yarn.Interested in purchasing a Cool Yarn grass for your yard? Check out our shop page. You’ll find a ton of cool Cool Yarn grasses to choose from. Don’t know which one to pick? Contact us with any questions. We’ll be happy to help you find what you’re looking for. Want to find your nearest PG store? Hit up the locations page. And don’t forget to follow us on all our socials to keep up with new store openings, product announcements, and big sales. See you around!