Whenever you’re shopping for something, there is always a particular experience that comes with whatever item it is you’re looking to buy. More than ever before, consumers have expansive options when it comes to how, where and when they’d like to purchase practically anything.


In a store, on a computer or even by asking Alexa to buy something for you, the modern consumer will have many different experiences when shopping. From the stereotypical car-buying experience to using the self-checkout lane at the grocery store to wandering around a big box hardware store looking for an associate, it seems like a lot of buying experiences leave a lot to be desired. In fact, for many people, experiencing honest-to-goodness customer service has become so rare it can almost seem off-putting when a store employee legitimately cares about helping you find the right product at the right price to meet your needs.

At Purchase Green we are committed to delivering to each of our customers the “Purchase Green Experience”. What we mean by that is when you leave our store, whether you buy something or not or whether you visited in person or online, that you do so with the certainty that the Purchase Green exists to help you find the perfect artificial grass solution to meet your needs.

It’s why we don’t really have or hire salespeople. In the decade since the first Purchase Green opened its doors, our company has grown by leaps and bounds. And we owe all our success to one simple, underlying philosophy – we’ll provide the best artificial grass at the best prices and the best customer service so we can educate you…then, you decide.

If you want grass for pets that’s looks amazing and you want to install it yourself, we’ll steer you toward the perfect grass at a great price and we’ll tell you everything we know about how to do-it-yourself.

If you want a professionally installed putting green in your backyard, we’ll get you the most competitive bid for a complete turnkey solution – you can kick back, relax and watch your yard become a championship-caliber golfer’s paradise.

There are countless possibilities, from landscape transformations to bocce ball courts and batting cages to our fabulous lineup of solar landscape lights. And through your entire project, beginning when we first meet, you can be confident we know what we’re talking about and we’ll share what we know in a way that’s easy to understand. That’s the Purchase Green Experience you can expect at every one of our showrooms. That’s how we continue to grow without a salesforce. And that’s why our best source of new customers is always our current customers.

Back when we first started out, we did so with the motto that we’re always happy, helpful and happy to help. Two counties, five states and 21 locations later, that motto continues to be the inspiration of the men and women who make the Purchase Green Experience happen each and every day.  

So if you’ve ever thought about transforming your lawn with artificial grass, please be our guest at any of our locations, poke around our website for helpful videos and ebooks, or use the chat box on the right side of your screen. And let us help you find the perfect product to meet your needs.