Artificial grass covered rooftops are the next big thing! More and more people are moving into urban areas and big cities where backyard space is limited and rooftop gardens are becoming all the rage! Purchase Green’s artificial lawn grasses can help you completely transform your rooftop living area into a beautiful and green, relaxing oasis. Purchase Green’s artificial grass is perfect for a rooftop solution and its ability to be easily installed only makes it more perfect. The installation is a piece of cake and can be done rather quickly. In fact, most homeowners do not need to hire an installer! All you need to purchase is a special turf glue, which is sold on Purchase Green’s website. Spread the glue around the border and depending on how big your artificial grass area is, a couple lines of glue down the center and the install is done! We do not recommend nailing the grass the rooftop as you may puncture the roof and when the rain season starts, you’ll know it! No longer do you need to hose down your rooftop grass area when you have artificial grass. Instead you can kick back, relax and enjoy the weather. Covering your rooftop patio area in artificial grass is a great idea if you’re planning on entertaining guests too, the grass will stay a beautiful green color and guests will love it!