The past few weeks have been challenging for all. We consider ourselves incredibly fortunate to be operational. But more than just being operational, we’re moving forward with launching an entire new line of playground grasses. (We have a feeling that a brand-new playground in the backyard may be just the ticket to cure some of that cabin fever we’re all dealing with).  

The Play Series 

All the grasses in the Play series feature our non-directional Willow yarn which eliminates traditional wear patterns and any worry about seam direction. When working with a directional yarn, you must be careful to ensure that all the grass is facing the same direction, or you’ll end up with a variance in color between the separate rolls of grass. If you’re dealing with an odd shaped area, this can quickly become a headache. With Playscape’s non-directional yarn, the entire surface will look uniform no matter which way its facing. Whether you’re doing a large playground installation or DIYing your backyard, that’s one less thing to worry about! 


Playscape Playground GrassWe’re proud to introduce our Playscape grass. Innovative and original, it is a grass designed for 21st century play spaces. By combining both rigid and softer yarns, we’ve created a grass that is durable as well as flexible, meaning it will stand up to years of high traffic play, while also being a comfortable surface for children to run, jump, and even fall on. A newly developed anti-static additive to the grass will keep kids safe from any pesky shocks, even when contacting metal playground equipment. Weighing in with a 55oz face weight, and standing 40mm (1.6in) tall, Playscape offers superior fiber strength and a strong tuft bind which will reduce the amount of degradation that occurs over the product’s life.  Playscape Playground grassIs this a grass that’s only meant for children? Certainly not! While being a perfect surface for playgrounds and competitive sports fields, we also kept our four-legged friends in mind when designing Playscape. It’s anti-microbial, which will eliminate any odors left by pets, and features a fully permeable, proprietary, acrylic backing. This results in Playscape draining much faster than grasses with traditional SBR or PU backings and allows for it to be completely recycled.  Easy to install? You bet. The non-directional willow yarn makes worrying about seam direction a thing of the past.  

Playscape PRO 

Playscape Pro Playground GrassPlayscape Pro retains all the technological advancements of Playscape in a heftier package. With a 78oz face weight, Playscape Pro can handle truly anything you throw it at, while still being flexible, totally permeable, and recyclable. You’ll still find all the features that mark a Playscape grass: it’s anti-microbial, anti-static, and includes superior fiber strength with a strong-tuft bind. Playscape Pro is specifically designed for the customer that wants superior performance in a non-directional fiber. 

Perennial Green 

Perennial Green GrassPerennial Green is another new member of our Play series that is a tremendous option for your playground needs. Slightly taller than the Playscapes, its non-directional willow fibers stand 60mm (2.4inches) tall. Like the other Playscape grasses, its fully permeable and anti-microbial, making it perfect for use by kids, athletes, and pets! 

Playground PRO 

Playground Pro Grass


Playground PRO is a mainstay in the Purchase Green stable, and long been the standard bearer for Playground grasses. As always, it is still available in traditional green, as well as brick-red and white coloring.  

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