As an artificial turf owner or installer, a power broom should be one of your best friends. Here’s why.

For installs, a power broom handles the task of spreading infill. This is extremely important as evenly spread infill will help prevent wrinkles in your turf and keep the turf weighed down.

After the installation is complete, that power broom’s still got work to do.

Going over your turf with a power broom every so often will keep your turf in ship-shape, popping those grass blades up into place to get rid of any matting. It’ll also help in removing yard debris. Turf stays looking like new with a quick power broom zhuzh — yeah, apparently that’s how you spell zhuzh.

At Purchase Green, we realize how important it is to get the most out of your artificial grass, so we offer power brooms for sale and for rent. For contractors, a power broom is a great investment for installing turf on a regular basis. For homeowners, a power broom is an investment in the lifelong care of your turf. 

Walk-Behind Power Broom

Next Steps

There’s an awesome video on our YouTube channel explaining all about power brooms if you want to know more. Or you can check it out below!

If you’re looking to rent or buy, check out the “tools” section of our website or contact your local Purchase Green store to see what’s available and best for you. We’re always happy, helpful, and happy to help!

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