The story of artificial grass goes back more than 50 years. Since the first attempt at creating a synthetic turf surface, artificial grass technology has changed dramatically. Perhaps the most significant advancements have been in the techniques for creating radical new varieties of synthetic grass yarn.

Like modern carpet fibers that have incredible texture, durability and resistance to stains, textile technology has helped Purchase Green create some amazing yarns for artificial grass. Here at Purchase Green, our favorite thing to do is help educate our customers so they get the right grass to suit their specific needs. As such, we decided to post a blog series covering the various yarn types used in Purchase Green products.

Earlier in this series we introduced you to the Flat, Stem, V-shape, C-shape, W-shape and S-Shape yarns. In the final installment of this series we take a look at the Diamond Shape.

The Diamond Shape

California Pro Diamond Shape

The Diamond shape is awesome! True, our assessment is perhaps a bit subjective. But our product development team here at Purchase Green is always seeking out different synthetic grass designs while developing our grasses. The Diamond shape yields is the softest yarn we’ve ever put our hands on. And it has such lively colors it was a treat for us to develop a line based on this yarn. The Diamond shape is another Tencate fiber. Tencate is known for being one of the best yarn extruders in the world. This is one of the products that helps give them that reputation. One of the best parts of our business is introducing people to artificial grass for the first time. When we let people who’ve never experienced artificial grass see and touch a grass made with Diamond-shaped yarn, it’s always jaw-dropping.

The Diamond is one of four advanced premium yarns (Stem, V-shape and S-shape being the others). Since introducing the Diamond shape, we’ve received a lot of feedback from customers.

People love the color. In fact, we’ve actually got two different color schemes: a two-tone lime green and a two-tone olive green. What they both have in common, though, is brilliance. These blades tend toward the brighter side of things, though the thinness of the blades soften the affect. The Diamond shape’s colors are at once both fresh and bold while also exhibiting a mellowness.

California Pro Diamond ShapeYou know that popular, slightly tousled hair look? Grasses made with Diamond-shaped yarn have that too. The full, non-directional look of the Diamond-shaped yarn make it the rock star of the artificial grass scene. Plus, grasses made with the Diamond shape are relatively easy to seam and don’t demand the same point-of-view positioning as some of other grasses.

As far as performance goes, the Diamond shape is a bit of an irony. The widened center of each blade improves performance while the thing that makes the Diamond shape look so great, its skinny, non-directional yarn, helps create a luxurious texture. The result are grasses that look, feel and perform phenomenally.

Grasses featuring the Diamond shape: California Pro.

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