The story of artificial grass goes back more than 50 years. Since the first attempt at creating a synthetic turf surface, artificial grass technology has changed dramatically. Perhaps the most significant advancements have been in the techniques for creating radical new varieties of synthetic grass yarn.

Like modern carpet fibers that have incredible texture, durability and resistance to stains, textile technology has helped Purchase Green create some amazing yarns for artificial grass. Here at Purchase Green, our favorite thing to do is help educate our customers so they get the right grass to suit their specific needs. As such, we decided to post a blog series covering the various yarn types used in Purchase Green products.

In Part 1 of this series, we introduce you to the Flat yarn. The Flat yarn is probably what most people imagine when they think of synthetic grass. While Flat may be the most basic yarn type, it has a number of features that keep it popular year after year.

Flat Yarn

This amazing lawn was created with PG 40 which is made using Flat yarn.

This amazing lawn was created with PG 40 which is made using Flat yarn.

The Flat yarn is tried-and-true. Despite being no-frills, the Flat yarn nevertheless produces an amazingly realistic look and strong performance. Our grasses that feature the Flat yarn are legitimate utility players that can go just about anywhere. Sure, the Flat yarn doesn’t have any enhanced features in terms of memory technology, anti-luster or softness embellishment. But it still looks great just about anywhere in any architectural style. Specifically, it tends to add an incredibly subtle show value for homes with darker/warmer colors.

Flat yarns are generally good for low traffic applications. Over the years we’ve always asked our customers how they intend to use their grass to help ensure they get the right product. In many instances their response was that they simply want a lawn that looks amazing and is an environmentally-friendly, water-saving option that wasn’t going to endure tremendous foot traffic. The Flat yarn is perfect for such applications.

Grasses with our Flat yarn have been installed all over the country in nearly every state where artificial grass is sold. Homeowners nationwide enjoy the lighter green hues which tend to match in-season grasses in a variety of climates. Flat yarn offers exceptional realism and many customers love that it appears to have the look of fresh, morning dew.

PG 56

One of our favorite installations using PG 56, also made using Flat yarn.

With the Flat yarn customers get a blade that is acclaimed for its vibrant green color. It also facilitates great visibility into the thatch below, which helps give unrivaled realism to grasses using the Flat yarn, especially in warmer, more arid regions.

There is, however, no escaping the fact that the Flat yarn is not a high-performance grass. But it was never intended to be. Rather, its chief concern is with looking good. You might say the Flat yarn is a narcissist – it prefers looking good rather than working hard. However, Flat yarn grasses with higher face weights, such as PG 70, are noticeably more durable thanks to the fact there’s a higher volume of individual Flat yarn fibers.

Synthetic grasses featuring the Flat yarn: PG 40, PG 56, PG 70, Southwestern Sod Light.

In our next post, we’ll take a look the very popular Stem yarn.

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