Concerns about climate change and rising energy costs have led homeowners to look for new ways to make their property more sustainable. Luckily, there are many easy water and energy saving solutions for your home, including drought-resistant landscaping, installing a lawn made from artificial grass, or adding rain-collection barrels. A simple way to improve upon the energy efficiency of your home is by installing solar outdoor lighting

The Types of Solar Outdoor Lighting

Purchase Green’s Solar Landscape Lights come in a variety of styles and functions; your needs will dictate the type of light that’s right for you. The major factors to look for when selecting your outdoor solar light are brightness level, illumination range, whether it includes replaceable batteries, and if it has adjustable settings. You may need to use outdoor lights in a pool area, where bright lights that cover a large area can be necessary. On the other hand, you may be seeking a light that only illuminates the path ahead.Solar powered outdoor lights are an increasingly popular choice for those seeking environmentally-friendly lighting solution. Previously the only real outdoor lighting option was low-voltage wired lights, but times have changed:For homeowners in regions like Southern California which experience many sunny days each year, outdoor solar lighting has always been a viable option. But today, solar lighting offers the same level of brightness year-round, no matter what the weather conditions may be. This improvement is credited to improvements in battery efficiency, circuitry, and photovoltaic cell technology.

Solar LED Lighting Vs. Low-Voltage Wired Lighting

Purchase Green’s Solar Landscape Lights are designed using highly efficient LED bulbs for many reasons:These bulbs offer a marked improvement in brightness, without creating waste heat or incurring the higher energy costs that come with low-voltage wired lighting. The solid-state design of the LED bulbs means that they function better in cold weather, differing from wired lighting or fluorescent bulbs that experience issues and poor performance as the temperature drops. Low-voltage bulbs must be replaced much more often than LED bulbs. The lifespan of the typical low-voltage bulb is between 2,000 and 3,000 hours — very short when compared with the 100,000 hours offered by most LED bulbs. With bulbs that can last over a decade, outdoor solar lighting is not just sustainable, it’s also the low-maintenance option.

Ease of Installation

Another consideration for homeowners making the choice between solar lighting and old-fashioned, wired lighting is the ease of installation. Solar lighting requires very little wiring work and can be easily installed by most people on their own. You may want to call in a contractor anyway, but it is less imperative than when installing wired outdoor lights. The system of wires necessary for connecting old-fashioned lights to the public power grid also limits the manner in which you can set up the lights, and makes adjustments labor intensive. Solar power lights, on the other hand, are easy to arrange in any location and configuration that complements your property and suits your needs.

The Sustainable Choice

Solar outdoor lighting is a great way to boost the sustainability of your yard with minimal effort and investment. These lights do not need to be plugged into the grid, instead creating their own clean and free energy. In addition to other environmentally-conscious adjustments that save on water, such as an artificial lawn or planting native vegetation in your yards, solar lighting is a smart and easy to way to increase the sustainability of your property.

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