We are proud to announce that Purchase Green Artificial Grass has been named on Entrepreneur’s 2022 Top New & Emerging Franchises list. Every year, Entrepreneur devises a list of the top franchises to look out for in terms of investment and growth potential. This list is made up of the top 150 companies that have been ranked based on Entrepreneur’s extensive 150 data point system. This system evaluates and rates each company’s financial stability, franchisee support, brand strength, costs, and several other key factors. Now is better than ever to consider investing in franchising opportunities at Purchase Green. Learn more.

Why Franchise with Purchase Green?

Opening a new business can be a daunting endeavor, but Purchase Green makes it easy for entrepreneurs to reach their true potential. Prospective business owners can rest assured knowing they are backed by a well-respected brand, a professional team, and a proven business model. Furthermore, Purchase Green showcases one of the fastest-growing distribution networks in the country. Franchise owners are supported from all aspects of the business journey with access to industry knowledge and the support of a dedicated franchise team. Interested in reviewing a market analysis for your area? Contact us today.

Is Artificial Grass a Worthwhile Investment?

At a $6.2 billion total addressable market, investing in artificial grass is an extraordinary endeavor. Moreover, with only a 12% penetration of the total available market, the artificial grass industry is projecting demand in the Leisure/DIY Segment to grow by 34% from 2021 to 2025. With adoption rates at the early stages now is the most strategic time to invest in such a promising and undersaturated market. Schedule a meeting with a franchise expert to discuss investment requirements.

Taking Your First Steps Towards Owning a Purchase Green Franchise

The best way to commence your journey towards owning a Purchase Green artificial grass franchise and driving your success is to book a preliminary phone call with our franchise team. During this meeting expect to find out about Purchase Green’s unique distribution model, our franchise territory exclusivity, the investment necessary to open a franchise, the innovative artificial grass product line, and the multi-business support available to all franchises. 

Final Thoughts

Overall, Purchase Green is proud to have been named on Entrepreneur’s 2022 Top New & Emerging Franchises list. This is a great honor for a company dedicated to providing the best available opportunities for entrepreneurs seeking to partner with Purchase Green. For more information about franchise opportunities at Purchase Green visit us at: https://www.purchasegreen.com/franchising/.