Purchase Green was recently featured in an online article for the Wall Street Journal. As much as we at Purchase Green love to honk our own horns, which we do probably more than we’d like to admit, the Wall Street Journal makes a great point. As a trusted and honest source, the WSJ really gives it to you straight. Pros, Cons, Price Comparisons, even some great photos. What I personally liked is the ‘Real or Fake’ Quiz! The quiz features pictures of natural and artificial lawns and it’s up to the consumer to decide what they think is real or fake! Coming from a couple self-titled ‘Artificial Grass Experts’, we are surprised to say that even we were stumped. One of the common concerns consumers have before purchasing artificial grass is, “But will it LOOK fake?” This article is a perfect example of how artificial grass technology has improved over the last 20 years. So for the few questioning customers who have done their research but still have their doubts about the remaining questions in their heads, we at Purchase Green advise you to check out the article and take the quiz for yourself. You never know, it might just surprise you, too!