When you hear the name Lil Jon, hip-hop hits and energetic beats might be the first things that come to mind. But did you know that Lil Jon’s creative talents extend far beyond the world of music? The Grammy Award-nominated artist has ventured into an unexpected realm, transforming homes and sparking excitement with his unique design ideas. In partnership with HGTV, Lil Jon co-hosts the captivating show “Lil Jon Wants to do What?” alongside designer and expert builder Anitra Mecadon. What is even more exciting is that the show recently collaborated with Purchase Green’s North Atlanta store, located in Alpharetta, GA!

Make It Rain

In Season 2, Episode 3, Make It Rain, the show’s exceptional transformations were maximized with the involvement of Purchase Green. Rich Bruney, Operations Manager of Purchase Green North Atlanta and West Atlanta, shed light on their exciting participation. According to Bruney, the opportunity arose when a producer from the show, Adam Bret, reached out to Bruney, asking if his store would like to collaborate with the show to bring Lil Jon’s vision to life. Bruney readily agreed and took on the challenge to provide the best quality service in the industry. “We were excited to be asked to participate in the neighborhood makeover. This provided us with an opportunity to get the Purchase Green brand in front of a national audience and brand influencers” said Bruney.

Getting to Work  

For this project, Purchase Green installed Bluegrass Light, Bend a Board edging, and Optifill infill. The artificial grass provided a lush and vibrant foundation, transforming once-wooded areas into usable spaces for the neighborhood’s residents. The show’s video team meticulously captured the installation process, showcasing the transformation from start to finish. As Lil Jon and Anitra unveiled the revamped pool clubhouse and common area, Purchase Green’s contribution was at the heart of the transformation.

Bruney further shared his experience of collaborating with Lil Jon and the show’s team. The initial meeting with the producer, designer, and general contractor laid out the objectives for the makeover – turning a neglected area into a vibrant communal space. Purchase Green’s plans were presented and meticulously executed over two days, with a fixed camera capturing every moment. The experience of working with various contractors, capturing the transformations on camera, and meeting the stars of the show left a lasting impression on the Purchase Green team. Bruney commented on the efficiency of the Purchase Green Stores, “Our stores here in the Atlanta area carry several landscapes and putting green turf options as well as all of the tools and accessories needed to install artificial grass.  We offer installation through trusted installers that have many years of experience installing artificial grass.”

Lil Jon’s journey from Grammy-nominated artist to home renovation trendsetter is a testament to his boundless creativity and energy. The collaboration between HGTV’s “Lil Jon Wants to do What?” and Purchase Green showcases the power of unconventional ideas and exceptional products. As Lil Jon continues to turn homes upside down with his designs, Purchase Green’s artificial grass products and services will gladly be available to assist in creating vibrant and inviting spaces. Purchase Green hopes to be part of more of these extraordinary projects in the future. Check out the episode on today Discovery Plus, fuboTV, Max, Philo, Hulu, Sling TV, Amazon Prime Video, YouTube TV, or on HGTV Go!

Final Thoughts  

In this collaboration, Purchase Green demonstrates their steadfast dedication to offering top-tier artificial grass, delivered across the nation, and supported by a network of skilled installers. This project underscores Purchase Green’s unwavering commitment to delivering nothing but the utmost quality to its customers and partners. Whatever the scenario, Purchase Green boasts a product tailored to meet the unique needs of every customer. To learn more about Purchase Green’s comprehensive range of products and services, visit purchasegreen.com.


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