Modern landscaping, much like modern interior design, favors neatness, clean symmetric lines, and minimalism. Less is more. So, what place does artificial turf have in modern landscaping? A lot of modern outdoor areas focus on creating an easy-to-maintain space. 

And what do we at Purchase Green always say?

Artificial grass is low-maintenance!

Combining artificial grass and modern landscape design is a no-brainer. Let’s look at some of our favorite modern landscape design ideas that use turf.

Lean & Green

Choosing one or two different kinds of plants to complement your green lawn keeps it simple and clean. This design absolutely nails it.

The Driveway of the Future







You can make any boring driveway look sleek and distinguished by transforming it with pavers and turf! This PG install used Vista Sport grass to get that perfect look.



White gravel, dark rocks and pavers, and green turf with a statement tree is a special combination that I didn’t know I needed. Until now.

Step Evolution

Turf. Steps. The clean lines and contrast of the vibrant green with the gray. Beautiful!

Landscape Design Idea Artificial Grass Steps

Paving Symmetry

Pavers and turf are a classic combo. The symmetry makes any space look modern. Get this PG-installed look with Vista Natural 80 turf.









The Cozy Yard


If I had a backyard that looked like this, I think I would never leave. The wood accents with all that white is green is just so lovely.



The Hidden Oasis



Remember what I said earlier about a statement tree? And pavers? That also applies to this space. This feels like a secluded front yard oasis that is just a hidden gem. 







A Modern Dip in the Pool

If you read the blog from a few weeks ago about pool landscaping ideas, then you know that turf goes GREAT with a backyard pool. This modern design combines all of my favorite things: artificial grass, pavers, pools, and wood accents.

Those were our top 8 modern landscape design ideas! Let us know on our socials which one was your favorite, or tag us in any fun ideas you find on Instagram.

If any of those designs sparked a project idea of your own, feel free to contact us and tell our team of experts what you’re looking for! As always, we’re happy, we’re helpful, and we’re happy to help!