It’s the most wonderful time of the year! There’s nothing quite like slowly cruising through town to marvel at Christmas light displays. Whether the homes feature modest lighting or Griswold-like productions, each lit home adds a bit of joy to passersby. That’s because, for most of us, there’s something inherently pleasing about lighting up the night.

Sadly, Christmas always comes and goes in a flash, and with it the magic of holiday lighting. But what if you could have stunning outdoor lighting year-round? What if you could enjoy a sense of wonder every night just by stepping outside? Thanks to Purchase Green’s new line up of professional-grade solar landscape lights, you can!

We launched our solar lighting division just a few months ago. Our idea was this – we’re already helping tens of thousands of people use artificial grass to beautify their landscapes while saving water, money and time so why not help people beautify the night while saving energy too? We looked to solar landscape lights but were displeased with the sort sold at most big box retailers. You know the ones – puny, low-light contraptions that always seemed to fail after a couple of months. We were thinking bigger, brighter solar landscape lights that were as gorgeous to look at as the light they produce. We wanted solar landscape lights that inspired in people that same sense of awe we feel when we see a particularly beautiful Christmas light display. And that is how our new solar landscape light division came to be.

We have 10 incredible solar landscape lights available – the Apollo, the Eclipse, the Ra, the Soles, the Nova, the Helios, the Aurora, the Beacon, the Atlas and the Hyperion with Bug Zap Function. Each light features a unique design, professional-grade craftsmanship and bright, long-lasting illumination. Any of these 10 lights will help transform your landscape into something truly spectacular. But if you know Purchase Green, you know we love giving our customers plenty of choices. That’s why we have 10 unique, professional-grade solar landscape lights for you to choose from!

Ten amazing solar landscape lights. Thirty-seven varieties of artificial grass. If you’re interested in making your landscape into something that puts a smile on your face every time you see it, you’ve come to the right place. This year, consider giving yourself the gift of a beautiful yard that saves money, water, energy and time. A yard that will add a bit of magic to your life every day…and every night too.