At Purchase Green, we pride ourselves on delivering premium-quality artificial grass with nationwide delivery and a network of installers to ensure the best artificial grass experience. Purchase Green goes further by empowering our customers and allowing them to bring their dream creations to life. Purchase Green strives to redefine landscapes around the country, one artificial grass installation at a time. This article highlights two unique installations that exhibit the values that Purchase Green stands by. Find out more today about the incredible work our Purchase Green stores are doing.

Helping Young Athletes Reach Their True Potential

Purchase Green North Dallas showcases their careful attention to detail by carrying out this extraordinary artificial grass installation. This installation covered a total of 1,500 sq. ft. and reimagined the backyard space of a Dallas homeowner. Furthermore, this installation included a 500 sq. ft. putting green. This installation featured the use of ET PUTT 2 tone for the putting green, Natural fusion Olive as an intermediary, and Playscape for the fringe of the installation. Additionally, these grasses were complemented with the use of 12/20 HeroFill and 30/50 fine grit sand. Other accessories used in the installation included putting green cups and flag poles.


What makes this installation so unique is not only its beauty and expert craftsmanship but the reasoning behind its construction. PG North Dallas was tasked to create a landscape that would serve as a training ground for a local female golfer. Determined to facilitate her short game, the team at PG North Dallas considered each aspect of the putting green’s construction. The result was a putting area that includes straight putts, challenging putts, and chipping areas. Moreover, each chipping area was constructed using non – directional playscape turf to provide her with opportunities to practice uphill and downhill chipping. With access to a new training area, this high school athlete is one step closer to achieving her goal of playing golf in college.

Making Retirement a Little Easier

Purchase Green San Marcos has showcased this expertly crafted artificial grass installation that has redefined the look and feel of the Chateau Lake retirement community. This installation covered a total of 5,580 sq. ft. and beautifully complements the surrounding architecture and foliage. Residents of this retirement home can now enjoy their new 2,800 sq. ft. putting green.

This putting green featured Birdie Pro an ideal choice for golfers seeking to test their skills. The putting green was complemented by Playground PRO which served as an intermediary and Fescue SUPREME, which bordered the perimeter of the installation. The perimeter of the installation was also finished with a premium installation of sub-grade Bend-A-Board. Bend-A-Board is a unique framing material that facilitates the installation process and increases the longevity of artificial grass projects.

Playground PRO was originally developed for professional baseball fields in Japan and has now become a perfect solution for high-traffic areas such as this communal recreational area at Chateau Lake. Residents at Chateau Lake can rest assured that Playground PRO can withstand plenty of foot traffic and continue to perform to optimal standards for various years to come. Furthermore, Fescue SUPREME is considered one of our most resilient artificial grass products. As one of our lushest and tallest artificial grasses available we stand by its unmatched performance. This artificial turf features a delustered finish and brown thatch, giving it a highly realistic appearance. Lastly, to add the final touch to this project a 40-foot tree ring was constructed around the adjacent Pepper Tree and filled with decorative mulch. Overall, PG San Marcos has created a stunning installation that will serve the residents of the Chateau Lake retirement community for many years to come.

Final Thoughts

These two installations serve as prime examples of the care and attention that Purchase Green stores exhibit. Purchase Green is proud of stores such as PG North Dallas and PG San Marcos that honor the commitment Purchase Green has made to provide the finest artificial grass and services on the market.

Purchase Green artificial grass is manufactured with the latest industry technology and endures robust testing. Our products are exceptionally durable, realistic, and cost-effective. Featuring distinct characteristics, such as anti-static, antimicrobial, temperature control, and non-directional blade shapes for ultimate realism. For more information about Purchase Green feel free to visit us online, in-store, or call us for a free quote.