By Sarah Bradley, YourGreenPal

Many homeowners are turning to artificial grass so they can enjoy having a green, lush lawn without having to invest countless hours of work and thousands of dollars to keep a natural lawn alive. After all, what sense does it make to spend so much time keeping your lawn usable and then hardly having time enough time to enjoy it? Furthermore, in areas where rain is scarce homeowners know that watering a lawn can be expensive or, in certain places, banned altogether.

Once confined primarily to sporting arena, artificial grass is today commonly found in residential areas. Modern artificial grass is incredibly lifelike and is the ideal solution for anyone who wants a beautiful lawn year-round but doesn’t want to invest the time and money a natural lawn requires.

A great aspect of artificial grass is that its applications are limited only by imagination. If you’re considering unique ways to take advantage of artificial turf, these ideas might help get your creativity going.

Use it in the garden between rows instead of black plastic.

The rain will flow through, but it will deter bugs and weeds. Walking through rows will be more pleasant without muddy paths.

Make your roof top garden really look like a garden.

Artificial turf can be the perfect solution for a roof top hideaway. A picnic table, some comfortable chairs, an umbrella, plus a few planters with flowers and suddenly you have a lovely little respite from the city.

Use artificial grass to write your family name on the front lawn.

Cut letters out of artificial turf for a creative way to brand your yard.

Bring the yard inside.

A screened in porch with grass instead of a rug can be a great place for children to play. Planters with flowers, live or silk, will give the feel of a small park.

But, what if you don’t have a lawn? No problem, artificial grass can create a green space for anyone no matter where they live.

Your lawn no longer needs to be only outdoors. With artificial grass you can create green spaces indoors. Anyone who lives in a part of the country where winters are long, snowy affairs will enjoy having an indoor lawn. Turn your basement into a year-round play area. Paint some flowers, or trees, on the walls. No matter the weather the kids will have a safe place to play.

Artificial grass comes in a variety of shades and styles. You can match your native grass or be completely different. Who says you can’t have Kentucky Bluegrass in the middle of the desert? Use more than one shade to create a checker board design. You can combine it with rocks or concrete. Whether you choose to cover your whole yard or just a few problem areas you can have the look you want.

However you choose to use it, artificial grass will make your lawn the envy of the neighborhood. Your neighbors will all want to know your secret. No need to keep it a secret, you’re helping the environment. You save water, reduce carbon emissions and eliminate pesticides from your neighborhood. You’re doing your part, be proud.

Soon your lawn will be the gathering spot of the neighborhood. Don’t worry, your lawn can take it. It won’t fad, turn brown, or get muddy. Modern artificial grass can stand up to just about anything. Pets, kids and foot traffic…there’s a variety of artificial grass to meet all your needs.

With artificial grass your solve so many problems but you do create a new one – what to do with all your free time!

Author Bio: Sarah has loved gardening and nature since childhood. She loves to read about new plants and gardening tips. She works for “YourGreenPal” which helps you to quickly find, schedule and pay for Lawn Care Services.