By Tommy Leigh – Vegas One Realty

Imagine having the greenest yard in the neighborhood all year long – without having to ever push a lawnmower, fertilize the grass, whack weeds or deal with back-breaking lawn maintenance. Artificial grass installation can make that vision a reality, and it has become a top choice for those living in very dry environments, have harsh winters or have yard conditions unsuitable for regular growing. A primary reason for its rising popularity with homeowners beyond being low-maintenance is that is adds instant curb appeal.

The Importance of Curb Appeal

Whereas home staging helps a potential buyer visualize themselves in a home, curb appeal is considered the attractiveness of a structure from the street. In other words, it’s the first impression anyone has of the home, including the owners, neighbors and potential buyers. Hence, curb appeal is clearly important to most homeowners, and this is why so many of them spend hours each week tending to their landscaping. Additionally, for those planning to sell a home, real estate professionals advise that curb appeal can make a huge difference in a property’s marketability and artificial grass can make a solid first impression any time of year.

5 Ways Artificial Lawns Boost Curb Appeal

While there’s countless curb-boosting reasons to choose an artificial lawn installation, here are the top five appeals for homeowners today.

1.  More Time and Resources to Tend to Natural Flora

Without the need to spend so much time tending to maintaining the grass, owners can focus on helping their natural shrubs, plants and flowers flourish. By reducing the use of precious and limited resources like water, residents lower their energy cost and minimize usage. This is especially advantageous for those who live in areas like the arid West, which currently has one of the highest water usage rates per capita due to landscape irrigation.

2.  Artificial Lawns are Always Effortlessly Well Groomed

Some surveys estimate that homeowners spend close to three hours a week tending to their lawns with tasks like mowing, weeding, fertilizing, preventing and eradicating pests and watering. Artificial lawns require none of this maintenance, and help owners save a bundle of time and money that might be spent on products and water bills. These artificial lawns always look pristine with nearly zero effort.

3.  Increase Property Value

As mentioned, curb appeal is a vital aspect of attracting potential buyers, so it automatically adds to a home’s value for more reasons than one. Interestingly, the neat appearance of artificial grass seems to make it appear larger with more usable space than traditional lawns. Furthermore, many buyers are more environmentally conscious and are willing to pay more for homes with turf due to minimal maintenance, lessened need for chemicals, and the need to use less water overall.

4.  Increase Freedom with Landscape Design

Want to spruce up the yard with splashes of color, attractive shrubs and other implements to give the space a perfectly manicured look? No problem with artificial turf, as it can be strategically placed to complement current implements or designed to create ideal spaces for them after installation. Enjoy the freedom to surround sidewalks, stone paths, walkways, gardens, fountains and other adornments to create a space that’s unique. Many buyers opt to alternate multiple types of grass to create original patterns in their yard that even offer ‘sky appeal!’ Want to install a backyard putting green? No problem with artificial grass, the sky literally is the creative limit.

5.  Modern Turf Feels as Good as it Looks

When something looks so surprisingly lush from the curb, naturally passersby are going to be tempted to reach down and feel the grass. They might be surprised to discover it’s artificial turf, yet has a remarkably realistic feel. Technology over the past four decades has made these non-toxic installations popular for families with children and even pets, as it’s softness reduces impact during falls and is wholly drainable for Fido’s calls of nature.